April 27, 2004
Volume 7
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180+ Gram DCC LP

Out Of Print

180+ Gram DCC LP
(low pressing #71)

Out Of Print
Jim Croce
"His Greatest Recording"


Mastered for 180+ gram DCC Virgin Vinyl from the Original Stereo Master, this special 16 song LP compilation is available nowhere else in the industry! It is out of print forever, and unless our research proves wrong, we are the only vinyl dealer with this LP available! Includes every great Croce hit he made in his short recording life such as "Operator," "Time In A Bottle," "One Less Set of Footsteps," "Bad Bad Leroy Brown," "You Don't Mess Around With Me," "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song," and many others.

Boz Scaggs
"Silk Degrees"
180 Gram LP
(special newsletter pricing,
call in orders only)

The lanky Texan neo-soul crooner and under-rated guitar warrior was a Steve Miller Band alumnus who jumped ship to probe silky R & B instead of gritty blues; the Miller Band's menu. Although the song "Low Down," is the best known track, Scagg's lyric intelligence and skin tight studio band, built around what would soon become Toto, makes this a modern classic. Other tracks include "We're All Alone," "Harbor Lights," "Georgia," "Lido Shuffle," and a typical smart cover choice in a great version of Allen Toussaint's "What Did You Want The Girl To Do?"



Greatest Rock Albums of All Time
The following albums have been voted as the 70th-82nd rated Rock & Roll Albums of All Time by the Associated Press and VHI.

#71-Led Zeppelin
"Physical Graffiti"

This 1975 release was the last great Zeppelin title recorded before the influences of the day (synthesizers, disco) ended Zeppelin's reign as Kings of loud and sexy blues-metal. Playfully experimenting with new sounds, the band blended Middle Eastern themes, folk-stylings, heavy blues, and deeply impassioned rock riffs into a double LP set that sounds as if they were still enjoying their place in the rock pantheon. Stand out tracks include "Trample Underfoot" and "Custard Pie," which are alone almost worth the purchase.

Japanese Mini LP Replica CD

180 Gram 1st Edition LP Pressing

200 Gram LP

Japanese Mini LP Replica OBI CD
"Last Copy"
#72-Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Electric Ladyland"

In 1968 Electric Lady Land hit #1 and Jimi Hendrix became a superstar, but this was nothing that he necessarily enjoyed. Hendrix considered himself a musician first and foremost, a star was just a label to him. This thought process became public knowledge when in his 1968 tour he renounced the extravagances of his stage acts (such as the legendary guitar burning at the Monterey Pop Festival) and simply performed his music. The public did not take a liking to his subdued ways, bringing Hendrix to the conclusion that his best music came from informal settings of studios and clubs, which led him to begin the construction of his studio Electric Lady Land.


#75-Aretha Franklin
"Young, Gifted & Black"
180 Gram LP

Like Arethra's predecessor, "Spirit In The Dark," this 1971 release found Aretha moving with soul music's elite into a progressive phase that opened up the emotional content of her work even further. "All The King's Horses" mourns the death of her first marriage while "Day Dreaming" and "A Brand New Me" point toward healing. Two stabs at social comment, the cover of Nina Simone's title cut "Intriguingly," and Elton John's "Border Song" round out this impressive portrait. You may also get "Aretha Franklin" for an additional $3; pictured here to the left.



#78-Jimi Hendrix
"Axis Bold As Love"

"Axis Bold" As Love was the 1967 follow up to "Are You Experienced?" and represented a much more concise use of the recording studio possibilities. Where his live shows continue to showcase the raw rocking power of The Experience, the recording studio gave Hendrix the composer/arranger a broader pulpit to work with. Songs such as the menacing "If 6 Was 9," and "Spanish Castle Magic," are amazing tracks, but the work on "Little Wing," and "Castles Made of Sand," are indicative of what an innovator and true legend Hendrix was.

Japanese Mini LP Replica OBI CD $99.99

180 Gram 1st Edition Mono LP Pressing

200 Gram Mono LP

MCA 180 Gram Stereo LP
(rare numbered edition)
MCA 180 Gram Stereo LP

#79-Pearl Jam

160 Gram LP

Classic Analog LP

This 1991 release was responsible for the launch of the Seattle sound known as grunge, but Pearl Jam proved to be much more than that. With Zeppelin like rock & roll, and a love for the 60's and 70's rock in general, this band rose above the alternative and grunge label to produce one of the greatest albums of all time. Weather it is the vocals and lyrics of charismatic front Eddie Vedder, Harrison like licks by Stone Gossard, Page like solos from Mike McCready, or the perfectly constructed base lines of Jeff Ament, this album impresses. This cover to cover album includes such stand out hit tracks as "Alive," "Black," and "Jeremy."


180 Gram LP
#80-Elvis Costello
"My Aim Is True"

Costello's debut single on this 1976 release, "Less Than Zero," launched the album to top 20 in England and to #32 in the U.S. Costello arrived in this era of the late 70's in a new wave of singer / songwriters who reinvigorated the literate and lyrical traditions of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison with the raw energy of the punk rock scene. When asked what his motivations were during this time of his early career, he replied "revenge and guilt," but what really counted was the construction of his songs that have made him a critics favorite for years.


MFSL 24K Gold CD


180 Gram LP
#81-Otis Redding
"Otis Blue"


Ranked 35th on HME's List of The Greatest Albums of All-Time, Otis Blue is a critical and R & B smash. Rolling Stone Magazine gave this album 5 Stars out of 5 and. Q Magazine also gave this album 5 stars and stated it indispensable. Redding's true dictionary of Soul, a stunning journey through the past and future vocabulary of R & B documenting a masterful artist rising to the immense challenges of his times.

#70-Al Green
"Call Me"
Out of Stock

#73-Jeff Buckley
Out of Stock

#74-Beastie Boys
"Paul's Boutique"
Out of Stock

#76-The Replacements
"Let It Be"
Out of Stock

#77-James Taylor
"Sweet Baby James"
Out of Stock

#82-AC / DC
"Back In Black"
Out of Stock
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