April 30, 2004
Volume 8
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DCC 180+ Gram LP
Out Of Print
Al Green

This recording is long Out of Print and becoming Extremely Rare; some of these titles are starting to sell for $125 and more. This is the only 180 Gram plus pure Virgin Vinyl Pressing of this masterpiece: Don't Miss Out! This album features 15 Billboard Charting smash hits including a gang of Greenís greatest like "Call Me" "Sha La La" "Look What You've Done For Me" "I'm Still In Love With You" "You Ought To Be With Me" and the #1 Hit Single "Let's Stay Together."



Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

Greatest Rock & Roll Albums

Classic Analog LP
Last Copy
#84-Paul Simon

After he began studying South Africa's indigenous music, he traveled there in 1985 to and began recording in Johannesburg; the result was "Graceland." It is a dazzling collection of songs influenced by the South African dance music and features the vocal group Ladysmith Balck Mambazo, the Everly Brothers, and Los Lobos. Graceland reached #3 in 1987 and won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1988; the capricious hit single "You Can Call Me Al" reached #44.




This is a great Latin-fusion album with smooth edges. The relaxed opening elegantly slips into "Black Magic Woman" the finest interpretation and cover of this Peter Green classic. "Se A Cabo" "El Nicoya" and the memorable "Oye Como Va" gives us the quota of Latin Rock that we crave from Santana. The album's star is the beautifully exotic "Samba Pa Ti" which features a superb guitar solo that oozes the sexuality blatantly depicted by the Mati cover. Other tracks include "Singing Winds" "Crying Beasts" "Incident at Neshabur" "Mother's Daughter" and "Hope You're Feeling Better."

180 Gram LP

180 Gram Foreign LP
Unreal Audiophile Pressing

MFSL 24K Gold 1st Edition
Japan Open cd

Classic Analog LP

#86-The Who
An excellent and frequently astonishing album, "Quadrophenia" is both more ambitious and less accessible than Tommy, the first and most well known rock opera. At its simplest level, "Quadrophenia" is a coming-of-age story with an awesome soundtrack. The album features some of the Who's finest material with songs like the enraged "Real Me" the cynical "Punk Meets the Godfather" the wistful "5:15" and "Sea and Sand" and the powerful "Love, Reign O'er Me." The mix of powerful songwriting (Pete Townsend) and skillful composition (the use of synthesizers unlike any band had ever done before) makes this one of the Who's finest moments.

180 Gram (2 LPs)

MFSL 24K Gold 1st Edition Japan CD
(very rare, last copy)

MFSL 24K Gold Open CD
(last copy)

MFSL 24K Gold CD
"Disraeli Gears"

When Cream formed in 1966 they established its enduring legend on the high-volume blues jamming and extended solos of its live shows. But once in the studio, their work tended to be more sophisticated original rock material, most of which was written by Jack Bruce and lyricist Pete Brown. Tracks include "Strange Brew" "Sunshine Of Your Love (#5 1968) "World Of Pain" "Dance The Night Away" "Blue Condition" "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" "Swlabr" "We're Going Wrong" "Outside Women Blues" "Take It Back" and "Mother's Lament."



#89-Derek & the Dominos
"Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs"
Eric Clapton is one of only three artists that were recently chosen by his peers as a member of a group (Cream) and a soloist who achieved Top 50 status as an All-Time Rock n Roll Artist (the other two were Beatles Paul and John). This album contains the legendary title track "Layla" written about Clapton's love for George Harrison's wife - (which was voted the 16th Best Single of All-Time). Accompanied by an all star band, including D'Wayne Allman, each track is a beautifully written orgininal or an amazing rendition of other artist's classics. Standout tracks include "Bell Bottom Blues" "Keep On A Growin" "Key To The Highway" "To Tell The Truth" "Little Wing" "It's Too Late" and much more.

180 Gram (2 LPs)

MFSL 24K Gold CD

MFSL 24K Gold Open CD

#90-The Who

With this 1969 release, The Who became the pioneers of the Rock Opera, and along with it came some of the most inspired work by the band, or just about anybody, ever produced. What makes "Tommy" so impressive, besides the plethora of classic tracks, is that it was not dreamed up by conceited artists accustomed to hearing how great they were from music intelligentsia. Rather it was the work of four upstarts in their early and mid-20's who were most famous at that point for angst-ridden songs. Tracks include the angry "My Generation" the frustrated "Can't Explain" the sly "Pictures of Lily" and the resigned "Kids Are Alright."

180 Gram (2 LPs)
Special Pricing

MFSL 24K Gold CD

MFSL 24K Gold Open CD
(last copy)

200 Gram Classic Record LP
#91-Peter Gabriel

The Classic Reissue was cut from the original 1/2" 30 ips analog master tapes on the Classic all tube stereo cutting system at Bernie Grundman Mastering by "The Wizard" Bernie Grundman himself. This release features the additional tune "We Do What We're Told (Milgrames 37)" that was originally not on the Geffen vinyl issue in 1986. Peter Gabriel introduced his fifth studio album "So" with "Sledgehammer," an Otis Redding-inspired soul-pop raver that was easily his catchiest, happiest single to date. The catchiest and happiest record he ever cut, the album is filled with classics such as "Big Time," "Don't Give Up," a moving duet with Kate Bush; "Red Rain," and "In Your Eyes," Gabriel's greatest love song which achieved genuine classic status after being featured in Cameron Crowe's classic movie, Say Anything.



R.E.M.'s 1983 debut album turned the rock world on its ear. This is music which has withstood the test of time and has influenced countless bands. It contains the hit single "Radio Free Europe" and was given by Reviewers a "10 out of 10," their highest rating!

MFSL Anadisq 200 Gram 1/2 Speed

MFSL Anadisq 200 Gram 1/2 Speed
(#119 pressing)

MFSL 24K Gold CD

"Marquee Moon"
Out of Stock

#88-Talking Heads
"Remain In Light"
Out of Stock

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