August 28, 2007

This is our 3rd & Last Edition of our Out of Print Rarities. This Edition focuses on mostly 1980's that were the original releases from these artists, all have small cut out slashes in the jackets but most contain the original picture liner LP sleeves & any other inserts that were included in these releases. Most Out of Print for 20 years & tremendously rare pieces of sealed vinyl.

Mymusicfix Newsletters are not about what is coming out new but what was here today and will be gone tomorrow. Listed in this Newsletter are all of the titles that Mymusicfix has seen disappear/gone out of print from all music distributors world-wide in 2005.

Mymusicfix understands our customers concerns about keeping their finger on the pulse of the Out of Print Vinyl Collector's Market. Our customers understand that, once these Limited Edition Vinyl Pressings disappear from the market, value and prices increase drastically year after year.

Of the titles listed in this Newsletter, Mymusicfix still has 5 or less of each pressing available. We do want to notify you that this is a Collector's Market situation now and as we sell through each piece, our prices will increase on the next piece. It is just a matter of supply and demand and Mymusicfix inability to re-order these titles ever again.

Through this Newsletter, all prices will remain the same until March 1st (when we will re-adjust our depleted inventory and pricing). Good Shopping!

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Limited Edition Vinyl LPs

George Harrison
"Somewhere in England"


Tears For Fears
"Songs From The Big Chair"

Cliff Richard
"I'm No Hero"

Genuine House Rockin' Music III
"Alligator 103"

Gypsy Kings

Herb Alpert
"Keep Your Eye On Me"

Johnny Mathis
"Christmas Eve"

John Mellencamp
"The Lonesome Jubilee"

Mark Alman
"Other People's Rooms"

The Marshall Tucker Band

"Malice In Wonderland"

Collectible With A

Pictured below are two titles that Mymusicfix projects will be the fastest rising collectible audiophile titles in the industry. Both of these titles are Sold Out. Mymusicfix is now the only audiophile dealer that has these titles available and will soon sell out making these virtually unattainable for these listed prices in factory sealed condition.

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