December 19, 2003
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MYMUSICFIX is delighted to share with you some new items that have just recently been released. We have them as separate titles on or you may purchase them together in one of the following amazing collections. One of our collections, Blue Note Jazz, consists of 18 Sealed LPs (9 Double LPs )! Another, for The Doors fans, consists of 6 Sealed LPs! Whether you are last minute shopping or simply looking for an incredible deal, we are sure to have what you need.
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$199.99 BLUE NOTE JAZZ SEALED 18 LPS ( 9 Double LPs) Pressed in the U.K. and some of the finest collections of rare Blue Note Jazz Masterpieces ever released on Analog Vinyl. They are real vinyl treasures that any true jazz lover will not want to miss owning.
These Blue Note Collections are all Very Limited Editions and once gone will be gone forever from the Collectors Market. These Collections are cover-to-cover Masterpieces that include over 600 minutes of Rare Out of Print jazz selections that are the finest ever produced by the Blue Note record label with 97 various artists contributing to the collection. A cost of $.03 a minute!
Each title can be purchased separately by going to

Want some of the best jazz around? Fortunately, for us, there's this Blue Note Records collection of the best from favorites like Donald Byrd, Lou Donaldson, and Grant Green. Now, the powers that be at EMI-Capitol thought to get some sells of this great jazz by packaging it as a "sample this" offering to hip-hoppers/rap raconteurs. It turns out that they needn't have done so. The various volumes and the box set with Volumes 1-4 has some great work like Holy Thursday/David Axelrod, The Beat Goes On/Buddy Rich, Who's Making Love/Lou Donaldson, Sookie Sookie/Grant Green, Illusion/Andrew Hill, The Worm/Jimmy McGriff, Walk Tall/Cannonball Addereley, Light My Fire/Shirely Bassey, Spinning Wheel/Lonnie Smith, Street Lady/Donald Byrd, Dirty Old Bossa Nova/Howard Roberts, Flat Backing/Blue Mitchell and You've Made Me So Very Happy/Lou Rawls

was conceived as a tribute to a certain kind of jazz compilation that was felt did not exist any more. It was the sort of thing that Gilles Peterson had devised with his legendary "Jazz Juice" series in the 1980s on Street Sounds where jazz, jazz funk, Latin, and old soul instrumentals all came together for the greater pleasure. In fact, as anyone who bought them at the time would tell you, this compilation is a perfect primer to get you into the world of jazz related music.
Tracks on RECORD ONE Side 1: Hard to Handle/Patti Drew, I Want To Testify/Bobby Bryant, Sookie Sookie/Tina Britt, Tighten Up/Benny Gordon, Listen Here/Richard Groove Holmes, Get Out Of My Life Woman/George Semper. Side 2: Soul Mission/Brian Bennett, Thousand Finger Man/Candido, Feelin' Alright/Trinidad Oil Company, Fever/Patty Drew, Mississippi Delta/Bobbie Gentry. RECORD TWO Side 1: Never Come Closer/Doris, California Dreaming/Bobby Womack, Call Me /Nancy Wilson, McCanna/Les McCann, Samba for Maria. Side 2: California Soul/Gerald Wilson, For What It's Worth/Lou Rawls, Hundreds & Thousands of Guys, Why Am I Treated So Bad/The Three Sounds and Cristo Redentor/Ferrante & Teicher.

The point of this album was to show some original jazz tunes that have been used as samples for fusion and dance tracks. However the album is more of a collection of excellent jazz funk tunes that are brilliant for just chilling to. If you are looking for some great jazz funk then this album is for you.
Tracks include: Street Lady/Donald Byrd, Jasper Country Man/Bobby Humphrey, Kumquat Kids/Eddie Henderson, Higga Boom/Gene Harris - Orange Peel/Reuben Wilson, The Worm/Jimmy McGriff, The Caterpillar/Lou Donaldson, Pot Belly/Lou Donaldson, Ain't It Funky Now/Grant Green, Spinning Wheel/Lonnie Smith, Ummh/Bobby Hutcherson - Good Humour Man/Blue Mitchell, Beale Street/Donald Byrd, Viva Tirado/Gerald Wilson, The Phantom/Duke Pearson.


Tracks include: Grooving with Mr G/Richard Groove Holmes, Sookie Sookie/Grant Green, Chunky/Ronnie Foster, Who's Making Love/Lou Donaldson - Weasil/Donald Byrd, Kudu/Eddie Henderson, Harlem River Drive/Bobby Humphrey - Move Your Hands/Lonnie Smith, Blue Juice/Jimmy McGriff, The Final Comedown/Grant Green, Turtle Walk/Lou Donaldson - Your Love is too Much/The Three Sounds, Black Jack/Donald Byrd, Shu Shu/Ike Quebec, Olilloqui Valley/Herbie Hancock.

Who Dun It? By blue Mitchell, Say It Loud by Lou Donaldson, Ease Back by Big John Patton, Ease back by Grant Green; Side 2: is Hunk o' Funk by Jack McDuff, Tic Tac Toe by Candido, Down Home funk by Richard Groove Holmes, Cantaloupe Woman by Grant Green. RECORD TWO Side 1: I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing, Don't Knock My Love, If There's A Hell Below Side 2: bamboo by Reuben Wilson, Family Affair by Bobby Hutcferson and Layin In the Cut by Lonnie Smith.

Chilli Peppers/Duke Pearons, On Children/Jack Wilson, High Heel Sneakers/Blue Mitchell, Senor Blues/Horace Silver Side 2: Meatwave/Stanley Turrentine, Dem tambourines/Don Wilkerson, The Sidewinder/Lee Morgan, Canteloupe Island/Herbie Hancock RECORD TWO Side 1: Ping Pong/Art Blakey, True Blue/Tina Brooks, Jeannine/Donald Byrd, Side 2: My Favorite Things/Grant Green, 8/4 Beat/Bobby Hutcherson and Thom Thumb/Wayne Shorter.

This one from the series, NEW BLUE, has the following artists and tracks: Voodoo Reprise/Cassandra Wilson featuring Angelique Kidjo, Rose Route/St. Germain, Less/Erik Truffax - Sugar Craft/Medeski Martin & Wood, A Brighter Day/Ronny Jordan featuring Mos Def, Doin' Something/Soulive - Note Bleu/Medeski Martin & Wood, Enter The Dragon/Charlie Hunter & Pound for Pound, Thief Without Loot/Jason Moran - Use Me/Patricia Barber, Ashes/Greg Osby and Com On Everybody/US3.

Capitol Records has been a driving force in the promotion of African-American music over the years; whether it is soul or jazz, they have always released high quality music from both of these fields. What we have here is a collection of tracks from the first three Capitol Rare compilations utilizing tracks from Capitol, Blue Note, United Artists and EMI itself.
Things get underway with the instrumental "Twilight" by Maze. Never appearing on a Maze LP this was the b-side to a single called "Too Many Games." It is one of those tracks that has stood the test of time since its initial release in 1985 and is still played in clubs all over the world.
Saxophonist Ronnie Laws gets two tracks on this album. First his flurry into the disco jazz scene with "All For You", a track that hasnít appeared on previous Capitol Rares and his much covered jazz funk anthem "Always There."
For those who appreciate good quality female vocalists there is the excellent "Sunshine" by Nancy Wilson, "Annie Mae" by Natalie Cole, and "Beggar for the Blues" by Patti Drew,

Other than the UK and the United States, Brazil has probably the most visible influence on the international musical scene in the last 50 years. American musicians, such as Stan Getz and Edye Gome, through David Byrne and Paul Simon, and on through to the Beastie Boys, all ran south to this haven of music at various times of their lives.
Tracks include: Sprach Zarathrusta by Meirelles, Homenagem A Mongo by Som Tres, Transamazonica by Antonio Adolfo & A Bruzuco, Berimbau by Mandram Som, Nana by Wilson Simonal, Os Grilos by Marcos Valle, Mal De Amor by Elza Soares e Miltonho, Vento Bravo by Edu Lobo, Misturada by Quartero Nova and more.


$29.99 ELVIS PRESLEY, GOLDEN RECORDS VOL. 4 180 Gram Limited Edition Simply Vinyl classic LP (made in England - has the best protective packaging I've seen- heavy quality sleeves) high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and your ears. The ultimate record, the way music was meant to be heard and of superior quality for any Audiophile.
As you would expect Elvis Golden Records Vol. 4 is jam-packed with the usual array of Elvis smashes including: Return To Sender, Rock-A-Hula Baby, Love Letters, Bossa Nova Baby, Witchcraft, Kissin' Cousins, Viva Las Vegas, What'd I Say, You're The Devil In Disguise, Please Don't Drag That String Around, and many more.

$54.99 THE DOORS - L.A. WOMAN is a Elektra Records UK pressed 180 Gram Deluxe Edition LP from original session master tapes with original cover/artwork with rounded corners.

This Heavy Vinyl LP has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio with the band. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. So, sit back, relax, enjoy the music, and remember the sound.

The last official Doors studio album, L.A. WOMAN, was still high on the charts when, like the Actor Out On Loan, and of its closing track, Riders on the Storm, Jim Morrison died in a Paris bathtub in the summer of 1971. Via such tracks as The Changeling, Crawling King Snake, and the frothy, rollicking title track L.A. Woman, the collection leaned heavily toward the blues.

$199.99 - THE DOORS 6 LP Set. This set contains 4 AUDIOPHILE Limited Edition 180 Gram Sealed LPs and 2 analog standard weight Pressings. The value of this collection is at least $400 in the limited edition audiophile market.

This collection starts with MORRISON HOTEL, a 180 Gram LP from Electra Records Europe, Pressed in Germany. Then two DCC Highly Valuable long out of print Steve Hoffman masterpieces, WAITING FOR THE SUN & STRANGE DAYS. Waiting For The Sun sells for around $150, and Stange Days for $85, by the audiophile dealers who may still have them. If you take that into consideration the other 4 titles in the auction are all priced virtually for FREE. The remaining three LPs are a 180 Gram L.A. WOMAN, and the two standard weight LPs, SOFT PARADE and the rock classic THE DOORS. Considered one of the Five Greatest Rock Albums of All-Time, The Doors, The Doors contains the Seventh rated Best Single of All Time,Light My Fire. This is the quintessential LP of Rock n Roll's 20th Best Group of All Time; truly a cover to cover disc with tracks like, The End, Break On Through, Soul Kitchen, Twentieth Century Fox.


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