December 14, 2005
Special 24 Karat Gold Edition Newsletter

Mymusicfix is offering a three part newsletter edition spread over the next three weeks dedicated to the 24 Karat Gold Limited Edition CD market. It has now been six years since these tremendously rare and very limited edition masterpieces went out of print and each day the window of opportunity continues to get smaller, while the prices continue to ascend.

For example:

* Since December, 2002 Mymusicfix has seen the 24 Karat collectibles increase by 44% in value

* In 2004 we outsold our previous best 24 Karat Gold CD sales volume by 9%

* The average price in 2004 has increased to $70.49 per title

* In 2005 the average value per title has already increased by 11%

It goes without saying that these 24 Karat Gold masterpieces are one of the strongest collectibles ever available in the recording industry.

Mymusicfix still has many titles in factory sealed condition in very limited inventories. We also have the largest selection of titles available in the industry, each week various titles become sold out, and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

In this first edition of a three edition series Mymusicfix is offering our customers a one time opportunity to purchase various 24 Karat Gold CD titles at prices well below there original retail value (when they were in print in the late 90's).

Don't miss outon these Tremendous Masterpieces soon gone forever

24 Karat Gold CD Masterpiece still available at low Prices

Albert Collins
"Cold Snap"

Alexis Korner
"R & B from the Marquee"

Herbie Hancock
"Man Child"

John Hiatt
"Riding with the King"

"Day at the Races"

Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Mothers Milk"

Steve Winwood
"Talking Back to the Night"

Art Pepper
"Gettin' Together"

Art Pepper

Jim Croce
"Words and Music"

Miles Davis
"The Musings of Miles"

"All Day Music"
Avenue Gold

"Deliver the Word"
Avenue Gold

Charlie Mingus
"Tijuana Moods"
Classic RCA Series

Sonny Rollins
"The Bridge"
Classic RCA Series

Collectible With A

Pictured below are two titles that Mymusicfix projects will be the fastest rising collectible audiophile titles in the industry. Besides one other dealer that has "Murmur," Mymusicfix is now the only audiophile dealer that has these titles available and will soon sell out making these virtually unattainable for these listed prices in factory sealed condition.

Don't Miss Out!

MFSL 200 Gram LP

Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Cosmos Factory"
DCC 24K Gold CD

Order Information

To order visit, call 949.454.8577 x 10 or email We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal for confirmed shipping addresses & Money Orders. For international customers, please email for shipping rates and purchase by bid pay.

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