January 11, 2007
2006 24-Karat Gold CD Market Growth

In this first Mymusicfix Newsletter of 2007, we would like to update the Audiophile 24-Karat Gold CD Collectors about the 2006 market growth. As Collectors, you are well aware that most all of these MFSL, DCC, CBS Master Sound and MCA 24-Karat Gold CD gems have now been out of print 8 - 20 years. The availability of these Limited Edition titles in Factory Sealed Condition has depleted to such a low level that most Audiophile Dealers have none remaining. They've sold out at top dollar prices and Collectors probably felt that the market had reached its apex.

Mymusicfix still has the largest collection of these 24-Karat Gold sonic gems in the world in factory sealed condition. In 2006, over half of our remaining inventory was sold out, but the number of sales was down 40% over the previous year with the dollar volume up almost 7%.

As a collector and investor in these 24-Karat Gold Masterpieces, it shows that your collection is still increasing substantially over the previous year. 2006 saw Mymusicfix sell out forever of 40% of our titles. Many of our titles that we had five to ten pieces remaining are now down to one or two pieces and will also be sold out forever this year.

There are still some titles that Mymusicfix was lucky enough to have purchased almost a decade ago that are priced well below the Collector's Market average value of $114 per title. Most of Mymusicfix titles that sold out in 2006 sold for over $190 a piece with some titles selling for as high as $300.

Almost all of Mymusicfix remaining inventory of 24-Karat Gold CDs are in Collector's Factory Sealed Condition with no store stickers ever affixed. Our projection is that at the end of 2007 almost all of our 24-Karat Gold inventory will be totally sold out.

Listed in this Newsletter are some of what Mymusicfix feels are the best valued collector's prices left in collector's condition. We also have a lot more titles available but Mymusicfix inventory is limited to one or two pieces can still be found in our Stores section on site or on E-Bay.

Hope our Newsletter assists our customers in understanding this increasingly profitable 24-Karat Gold CD Market. A Market that Mymusicfix will only be able to really monitor via our website sales for probably one more year because of our projection of being sold out by year's end.

Mymusicfix has been able to keep our customers on the pulse of this market for almost a decade and have enjoyed our relationship and pass this information onto our core of customers.

Throughout the first couple of months of 2007, Mymusicfix Newsletters will focus on additional Collector Audiophile titles such as Limited Out of Print 45 Speed LPs, First Edition 180 Gram LPs, MFSL 200 Gram Anadisq LPs and DCC LPs that (like the 24-Karat Gold CD) just continue to disappear from the Market.

Have a great year collecting Audiophile Masterpieces and Mymusicfix
will try to assist in keeping you on the pulse of the Market.


Collectible With A

Pictured below are two titles that Mymusicfix projects will be the fastest rising collectible audiophile titles in the industry. These titles will soon sell out making these virtually unattainable for these listed prices in factory sealed condition.

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