January 23, 2004
Book Mark This! These LPs are gone from Distributors Forever!

Mymusicfix has spent hundreds of man hours scouring through the collectors market so that we may offer our loyal customers rare Vinyl that will no longer be available in the Industry as a part of our Book Mark This campaign.


$34.99 R.E.M., DOCUMENT
180 Gram Heavy Vinyl OOP Limited Edition Capitol I.R.S. Records pressing by RTI (who does all Classic Records pressing). This LP was ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as #41 of the Top 100 Best LPs of the eighties. Q Magazine gave this Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl Pressing Four Stars out of five and said it made for very interesting archival listening. It includes classics like, Welcome To The Occupation, Its The End Of The World As You Know It and The One I Love.

180 Gram Limited Edition Out Of Print Simply Vinyl classic LP (made in England, has the best protective packaging we've seen). FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION is R.E.M.'s deepest and darkest album. R.E.M.'s third full-length recording delivers the purest distillation of the bandís early sound.
Out of Print
Rare Analog Sealed LP. The lead guitarist and major creative influence of Pink Floyd, David Gilmore released this self titled LP in 1978 and quickly had the music world noticing his major game as a solo artist.
Tracks include: Mihalis, There's No Way Out Of Here, Cry From The Street, So Far Away, Short & Sweet, Raise My Rent, No Way, It's Deafinitely, I Can't Breathe Anyomore.

New In Stock
A stripped down version of the classic final album by the Beatles, this 180 Gram LP also comes with a 7" LP containing Fly On The Wall material, which gives a "unique insight into the Beatles at work in rehersal and in the studio during January 1969."
Special Edition Out of Print Box Set featuring four 7" singles, including 2 unreleased tracks and special producer mixes. The Smithereens' brand of hard-edged pop songs is reminiscent of the 60s British Invasion, but the mordant sensibility of singer/songwriter Pat DiNizio gives the band a decidedly modern point of view.

Great Vinyl at a Great Price! All Out Of Print Forever!
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  $14.99 ROGER WATERS of Pink Floyd, RADIO K.AO.S.
Out of Print
Rare Analog Sealed LP. The subject matter is out dated, as there is no longer a Cold War and we don't live under the threat of nuclear annihilation from the Russians, but some of the other stuff is timely; The Powers that Be especially.
Tracks include: Radio Waves, Who Needs Information, Me Or Him, Powers That We Be, Sunset Strips, Home, Four Minutes 8, Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid). On par with the post Waters Floyd stuff.
This LP is filled with sonic kitsch like I Can't Get It Out of My Head (Lennon on Lithium), Telephone Line (Kool & The Gang with violins), and the irresistible Strange Magic and Turn to Stone. ELO combined classical elements with electronic rock and their influence can still be heard in new Turk bands; for all their Beatles in space trappings, the group was also pretty catchy.

Released when Aerosmith was making a comeback, this album was a way to make money off of their new found success on Geffen records.The songs on Classics Live are very good; I must say the performances are better than they were on Live Bootleg.
Tracks include: Train Kept A Rollin', Kings and Queens, Sweet Emotion, Dream On, Mama Kin, Three Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman, Lord of the Thighs, and Major Barbara.

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Special Note: There have been so few vinyl LPs produced over the last 5 years that you should never pass up the opportunity to upgrade your collection. They're each very limited in their pressings and disappear with extraordinary quickness from the vinyl market. This causes prices to skyrocket because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

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