July 16, 2004
Volume 6
Artist 50-59


A Recommendation From Our New Inventory

"Power Of Soul"
Classic Analog Pressing
(Aqua Vinyl, 2 LPs)


200 Gram (2 LPs)

Jimi Hendrix

Plainly stated, this double album rocks! It is the ultimate Hendrix tribute record, perfect for any fan. Performances include "Red House" by John Lee Hooker," "Purple Haze" by Prince, "The Wind Cries Mary" by Sting and many more. Other artists include Seal, Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Top 100 Artists Of All Time

Top 100 Artists Of All Time. Everyone has an opinion about who are the real rock royalty, but see what VHI's poll of musicians and Associated press concluded were the greatest of all time with mymusicfix's weekly newsletter.

#50 B.B. King

B.B. King is widely known and accepted as the man behind what is modern blues. For over 50 years B.B. has been playing the blues starting as a young musician in Memphis around 1949. The dynamic duo of B.B. and Lucille, his trusty Gibson guitar, have influenced guitar legends Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) and numerous others including Buddy Guy. An eight-time Grammy winner, B.B. has received virtually every music award, including a Grammy for a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987.

"Live At The Regal"
180 Gram LP

"Looking Good-Mod Club Classics"
(2 LPs)
B.B King &Various Artist

MFSL 24K Gold CD
MFSL 200 Gram LP
(low #18 pressing)

#51 Cream

Cream was the prototypical blues-rock power trio. They stormed the U.S. and European charts selling 15 million records and playing sold out shows everywhere they went. This elite class of musicians that included Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Backer helped redefine the instrumentalist's role in rock with their live blues based jam sessions that became the bands trademark. However, their studio work tended to be toward original rock material, most of it written by Jack Bruce and lyricist Pete Brown. In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Cream was recognized one time.

"Cream Live"
MFSL 24K Gold CD

"Good Bye"
180 Gram LP

"Wheels Of Fire"
DCC 24K Gold CD (2 CDs)

"Fresh Cream"
DCC 180 Gram LP

#52 Peter Gabriel

As the frontman of Genesis, Peter Gabriel was known for artsy stage antics and costumes while performing, but he was also a musical powerhouse for the band and co-wrote almost every song. Since leaving Genesis in 1975 to begin his solo career, Gabriel has embarked on a number of projects including soundtrack composer, social activist, world music aficionado and music video innovator. But it was not until 1986 that Gabriel saw his commercial breakthrough when "So" reached #2 and produced the chart topping singles "Sledgehammer," "Big Time" and "In Your Eyes." In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Gabriel was recognized one time.

200 Gram (2 LPs)

"I / Car"
200 Gram LP

"Nursery Cryme"
180 Gram First Generation Pressing

200 Gram LP

200 Gram LP

#53 The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead are probably the most improvisatory of all major rock groups. From the late 1960's until 1995 and the death of leader Jerry Garcia, the Dead played long, freeform concerts that included their country, blues, folk, and rock mesh. Although the band only managed to sell around 250,000 copies per album, and only had one top ten hit "Touch of Grey," they had a following perhaps like any other. These followers called "Deadheads" spawned a culture of fans that helped make this band one of the most enduring rock acts of all time.

"American Beauty"
180 Gram LP

"Live Dead"
180 Gram LP (2 LPs)

"Workingman's Dead"
180 Gram LP

#54 The Byrds

The Byrds, led by Robert McGuinn, pioneered folk rock and later country rock. Known for their high harmonies, ringing guitars, and obsession with studio technique, they became the model for many rock bands, including the Eagles, Tom Petty, and the latter day Fleetwood Mac. Formed in 1964, they were touted as L.A.'s answer to London and shortly after scored their first hit with Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man," which went to #6. After their second hit in 1966 "Turn! Turn! Turn!," the band struggled with commercial success and virtually all but disbanded. Original members McGuinn and Hillman soldiered on with a new line-up, including Gram Parsons, and created "Sweetheart of the Rodeo," which remains as the corner stone of the country-rock movement.

"The Very Best of The Byrds"
180 Gram UK (2 LPs)

"Mr. Tambourine Man"
180 Gram UK LP

MFSL 24K Gold CD

"Younger Than Yesterday"
180 Gram UK LP

#55 The Kinks

Their early hits "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night" paved the way for power chords for the next decade of hard rock. After this first burst of popularity in 1964, the Kinks commercial success waned, but the band always maintained a cult following in the mid-70's until they returned to arena venues in the 80's; this resurgence of popularity was generated by the new wave's rediscovery of the Davie catalogue.

"You Really Got Me/Kinda Kinks"
MFSL 24K Gold CD
(2 LPs in 1 CD)

"The Low Budget"
Super Audio CD

"Somethin' Else"
Classic Analog LP

"Live At Kelvin Hall"
180 Gram LP

#56 Steely Dan

Steely Dan was one of the most advanced, successful, and mysterious bands of the 70's. With a combination of pop hooks and jazz harmonies, complicated time changes, obscure and often ironic lyrics, the band sounded like no one else. They scored numerous hits throughout the 70's and 80's, including several top 10's. But because of the perfectionism of founding members Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, the band rarely toured, and toward the end of the band's run, was comprised of mostly studio musicians.

"Can't Buy A Thrill"
180 Gram LP

"A Decade of Steely Dan"
MCA 24K Gold CD

"Everything Must Go"
Classic Analog LP

"Various Hits by Sam Cooke, Joe Simon & Lou Rawls"
#57 Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. His style of gospel merged with worldly themes provided the early foundation of soul music for the generations to come. His pure, clear vocals have been imitated time and time again, and his suave, sophisticated image set the style for soul singers for the next decades. His first hit came in 1957 with his own song, "You Send Me," which sold 1.7 million copies and became a #1 hit. Cooke was a mainstay in the Top 40 through 1965, but his life was tragically ended in a shooting in December of 1964.

"Big Bad Bo"
#58 Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley's famous "hambone" beat is a cornerstone of rock & roll songs, including his classics "Who Do You Love" "Mona" "Bo Diddley,(which was his first single release and ended up at the #1 spot on the R & B charts in 1955)" and others such as the Who's "Magic Bus" and Springsteen's "She's the One." After over a decade of touring, his legacy was further enhanced when British Invasion bands, such as the Stones, began covering many of his tunes. After appearing on numerous bills, such as opening for the Clash, his commercial success began to wane. But in 1997 his album, "A Man Amongst Men," gained a Grammy nomination and the following year Diddley was the recipient of the National Recording Artists and Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award. He is still considered today one of the greatest American artists of all time.

#59 Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire changed the sound on black pop music in the 70's with their Latin funk rhythms, gospel harmonies, fantastic horns and whatever other exotic ingredients producer and band leader Maurice White could conger up. Originally formed in 1969 as the Salty Peppers, they had a couple moderately successful albums, but it was not until White decided to high a younger band, only keeping his brother on bass, that the band took off. In 1973 Earth, Wind and Fire released "Head to the Sky", their first of many gold and platinum albums to come.

"Gratitude "
Classic Analog LP

"Best of Volume I & Volume II"
180 Gram LPs

"That's The Way Of The World"
180 Gram LP

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