July 12, 2006
24-Karat Value Masterpieces
Over the last few weeks, Mymusicfix Newsletters have focused on long out of print titles that are in a category of "1 & Done" (1 to 3 copies left in inventory forever).

This week's Mymusicfix Newsletter is outlining 24-Karat Gold CD titles Mymusicfix is classifying as the best collectors priced masterpieces. Most of these titles are gone from all music and audiophile retailers. Many sold for double to triple the price that we're offering at mymusicfix.com.

Each week these 24-Karat Gold Collectibles deplete & disappear quickly and collector's pricing continually increases on these last sonic gems. Mymusicfix has seen many 24-Karat Gold Masterpieces sell for $200 to $500 each in the collector's market. There are numerous titles listed in this week's Newsletter that will soon be in the "1 & Done" stage and will sell for $200+.

But the titles listed in this Newsletter are what Mymusicfix feels are the best priced. All titles are in what Mymusicfix calls "Collector's Condition" with no store pricing stickers ever attached.

Over the next few months, Mymusicfix will be dedicating each Newsletter to specifics about out of print selections ranging from additional "1 & Done" titles to the best valued titles left in the collector's market.

This week's 24-Karat Gold CD Masterpieces should not be overlooked. By this time next year, most of these titles will be sold out or doubled/tripled in the collector's market. Mymusicfix has seen an 18% a year average increase in 24 Karat Gold CDs. Wouldn't you love to get this type of a return on your money market investments?

Long Out of Print Masterpieces

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