August 1, 2006
Part II is a follow up to last week's Newsletter which focused on what Mymusicfix considered the best values still available in the Out of Print Limited Edition market.

This week's Part II is focusing exclusively on 180 Gram Limited Edition Out of Print Vinyl Pressings & will come in 3 Volumes over this next week. Most of these pressings are some of the most Limited Editions ever! Most are in a category Mymusicfix calls 1&done (which means there are 5 or less pieces remaining world-wide in original Factory Sealed condition.

Mainly included in this Part II Volume #2 Newsletter are titles that were released by Simply Vinyl & Classic Records. As a collector of the finest and rarest vinyl pressings, these titles are all a collector's dream to own.

Most of these titles will never be pressed again in a 2nd Edition
. Many by Columbia and Epic Records Mymusicfix also has available in normal 140 Gram weight (which are also Out of Print) which can be found in our Stores Section at a better price than the 180 Gram 1st Editions.

In the Vinyl Collector's Market, 1st Editions will bring a much greater value to your collection. Heavy 180 Gram 1st Editions are new to the Vinyl Collector's Market over the last 15 years. Many titles sell for hundreds of dollars a copy.

There are some tremendous values included in this Part II Mymusicfix Newsletter
before pricing will increase with the sale of each specific title. Right now is the lowest price these titles will ever be listed.

Mymusicfix Newsletters are dedicated to keeping our customers on the pulse
of the Out of Print Limited Edition Market with regards to availability. But what is here today could be gone tomorrow. Each week, Mymusicfix has to delete numerous titles from our collection of Rare Limited Editions.

Titles disappear so fast sometimes it makes your head spin
. Our suggestion to our customers is, if you see a favorite title to improve the value of your collection, don't think twice, Buy it!

Customers should also look at these Newsletters just to see how the value of a title you purchased over the last few years has increased once it went Out of Print and disappearing from the Collector's Market.

Mymusicfix has always stated the value of your Limited Edition Collection has way out-performed the overall value you have received in the stock market from 9/11 to date. Your collection is a proud portfolio we hope all Mymusicfix customers take real pride in owning.

Have fun owning and collecting these Rare Limited Editions.

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