June 3, 2005
Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Mymusicfix is offering another newsletter special in which all items are priced at the incredibly low cost of $3.50! Many of these gems are original LPs and were also later chosen by audiophile companies to remaster!

Each of the following titles is completely out of print and is a rare collectible/addition to your collection. The LPs have a small cut out slash in the jacket, but the vinyl inside is still factory sealed, and many also include the original picture sleeve LP slip covers! Note: All items are a one way sale.

The window to purchase these LPs at this incredibly low $3.50 price expires on 6/6/05 at 9am PST. On that date all of the prices will return to their previous values.

$3.50 Special Edition

Judy Collins
"Hard Times For Lovers"

Lionel Richie
"Dancing On The Ceiling"

Luther Vandross
"Any Love"

"Blind Before I Stop"

Michael McDonald
"If That's What It Takes"
From the Doobie Brothers. MFSL later
chose this album to remaster!

Motley Crue
"Girls Girls Girls"


"Malice In Wonderland"

Pat Benatar
"Best Shots"
Her greatest hits collection

Peter Frampton
"Where I Should Be"

Power Station
Robert Palmer

Robert Cray
"Strong Persuader"
MFSL later chose this album to remaster!

Robert Palmer

His greatest hits collection

Robert Plant
"Little By Little"

Rod Stewart
"Foolish Behavior"

Roy Orbison
"Mystery Girl"

Stevie Wonder
"In Square Circle"

Tears For Fears
"Songs From The Big Chair"



Michael McDonald
"No Lookin' Back"

Mike Love
"Look Back With Love"
From the Beach Boys

Mike Rutherford
"Acting Very Strange"
From Genesis

Mr. Mister
"Welcome To The Real World"

Sammy Hagar

Spyro Gyra
"Fast Forward"

Steve Morse
"High Tension"

Stevie Nicks
"The Other Side Of The Mirror"
MFSL later chose this album to remaster!

"Famous Last Words"


"Swing To The Right"

Pat Benatar
"Wide Awake In Dreamland"

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer


Collectible With A

Pictured below are two titles that Mymusicfix projects will be the fastest rising collectible audiophile titles in the industry. Besides one other dealer that has "Murmur," Mymusicfix is now the only audiophile dealer that has these titles available and will soon sell out making these virtually unattainable for these listed prices in factory sealed condition.

Don't Miss Out!

MFSL 200 Gram LP

Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Cosmos Factory"
DCC 24K Gold CD

Order Information

To order visit mymusicfix.com, call 949.454.8577 x 10 or email mymusicfix2@msn.com. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal for confirmed shipping addresses & Money Orders. For international customers, please email for shipping rates and purchase by bid pay.

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