March 7, 2007
Up to a 10% Discount & Free Shipping

Over the Last Few Months Mymusicfix has worked on our E-Bay Stores section to create, a customer friendly, columns of categories that separates Mymusicfix collection of mostly rare out of print products.

In this newsletter we want to send you our link to our E-Bay stores section so you can tap into Mymusicfix new sections on the left side of our stores main page where all of these new categories are listed. You will see that it all starts with specific sections for 1/2 speed titles like MFSL - CBS Mastersound & others. Then we have various categories for 180 or 200 gram titles, 45 Speed Audiophile Sets & Box Sets.

Plus various sections for 24 Karat Gold CD products, OBI Japan Replica CD's, then specific categories for some of Mymusicfix favorite audiophile artists & groups.

It has it all and should assist our customers in finding some of the really rare out of print titles that Mymusicfix still has some Limited Stock still existing. Once you find a title you can always come back & use Mymusicfix own website to search out any titles. Mymusicfix prices are usually cheaper on Mymusicfix then on E-Bay.

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If you use Mymusicfix site and purchase:

$250 worth of product we will give you a 5% discount.

If you have an order of $500 a discount of 5% plus free shipping.

An order of $1000 or more you will receive a 10% discount & free shipping.

Only free shipping for U.S. Orders.
International orders will receive the 5 or 10% discounts but no free shipping.

All discounts will be credited back to your Credit Card or Paypal after your purchase.
You need to place in the Checkout Comments column the discount password of
"Newsletter 3/1/07" so the discount will be applied.

This discount program is good only
from 3/1/07 until Midnight 3/11/07

Good Shopping & collecting those long out of print "One & Done" Titles

International Customers cannot place an order on the Shopping Cart - need to e-mail for shipping quote since our Shopping Cart cannot calculate international shipping rates and we accept PayPal internationally if posting via Global Express Insured; otherwise International Money Order in US Dollars (like, or

To order visit, call 949.454.8577 x 10 or email We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal for confirmed shipping addresses & Money Orders. For international customers, please email for shipping rates and purchase by bid pay.

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