March 12, 2004
Book Mark This, These LPs Are Gone From Distributors Forever

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James (Marshall) Hendrix is rated as the #3 artist in the history of Rock n Roll, and deservingly so! He is touted as the most innovative rock guitarist ever, recognized world wide as a brilliant singer/song writer and a fearless dynamic performer. The Songs and performances of Jimi Hendrix's short career still make an indelible impact on music proving he is a universal icon whose influence will reach far into the next century.

Are You Experienced
(2 LPs)
Axis Bold As Love
BBC Sessions
(3 LPs)

Blue Wild Angel
Live At The Isle of Wight
(3 LPs)

Electric Lady Land

First Rays
(2 LPs)

Jimi Hendrix Experience
(8 LP Box Set)

Live At Berkeley
(2 LPs)

Live At Fillmore East
(3 LPs)

Live at Woodstock
(3 LPs)

Smash Hits

South Saturn Delta
(2 LPs)

The Best of
(2 LPs)

Greatest Rock Albums of All Time, Week Two 11-20

The following albums have been recognized as the 11th-20th rated albums of all time by the Associated Press and VHI. The poll was conducted and judged by a poll of musicians, executives and journalist.

Last Week, Greatest Rock n Roll Albums 1-10
1. The Beatles, "Revolver" 2. Nirvana, "Nevermind" 3. The Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds"
4. Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On" 5. Jimi Hendrix, "Are You Experienced" 6. The Beatles, "Rubber Soul" 7. Stevie Wonder, "Songs In The Key Of Life" 8. The Beatles, "Abbey Road" 9. Bob Dylan, "Blonde On Blonde" 10. The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

UK Digital Remaster
with Pictures & 22" x 33" Poster

Japan OBI Direct Metal Mastered LP

MFSL Near Mint LP


#11 - The Beatles, "The White Album (2 LPs)"
The album was meant to bring them back to earth after three years of studio experimentation. Instead, it took them all over the place, continuing to burst the envelope of pop music. Lennon and McCartney were still at the height of their powers, with Lennon and McCartney growing into rock's towering figures. From Beach Boys knock-offs to reggae and to the unknown ("Revolution #9"), this album has it all.

180 Gram Limited Edition Analog Virgin Vinyl
(Special Pricing)
#12 - The Rolling Stones, "Exile On Main Street (2 LPs)"
This album is deservingly rated as the 12th all time greatest album; Stones were also recognized as the #2 rated group of all time. The New Musical Express said of this album "10 out of 10" and it stands as perhaps the band's finest hour. Exile is a sprawling, dense, and yet propelling concoction of the Stones romance with America's African American music scene.

MCA 24 Karat Gold CD

MCA 180 Gram
Original Master LP

MCA 180 Gram Original Master Deluxe Edition w/ Lime Light Sessions (3 LPs)


#13 - The Who, "Who's Next"
The Who as a group are rated the #9 best group of all time, and could arguably have been placed higher up on the list, depending on who you talk to. But no matter where you place them they are one of the all time greats and here is your chance at getting the 13th rated Album in Rock n Roll History in these limited edition pressings. "Who's Next" is truly a cover to cover gem that is filled with Who all time greats such as, "Who Won't Get Fooled Again", which is the #17 rated Rock n Roll song of all time.

DCC 24 Karat Gold Mint Open CD

DCC 24 Karat Gold CD
#14 - Joni Mitchell, "Blue"
RIAA Certified Platinum 1971 album! "Blue" captures this folk legend at her absolute peak in form and creativity. "Blue" features the Joni Mitchell gems such as "Carey," "California," and the title track, "Blue," plus much more.

#15 - U2
"Joshua Tree"

sold out
#16 - Fleetwood Mac

sold out
#17 - Sex Pistols
"Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols"

not available

Classic Analog LP Pressing
all original inserts,
small cut in cover
#18 - Prince & the Revolution, "Purple Rain"
Maybe this music by Prince & the Revolution will never quite sound as revolutionary as it did in 1984 (and nothing else has ever sounded like the extraordinary "When Doves Cry"), but no matter when you listen to this pop landmark you will clearly hear the genius that is Prince's Artistic career. The hit movie was really just a big screen showcase for Prince to perform these songs (some of them in tear the roof off "live" versions set in a Minneapolis club). Other highlights include the sexual scorcher "Darling Nikki" (with its crazy backwards coda), "Let's Go Crazy" and the title tune, "Purple Rain."

180 Gram Limited Edition
Analog Virgin Vinyl
Special Pricing

Classic Analog LP Pressing
Special Yellow Vinyl
Special Pricing

#19 - The Velvet Underground,
"Velvet Underground and Nico"

Produced by Andy Warhol in 1967, this is the Velvet's Underground first recording and remains one of the most important in influential Albums of all time. This recording has recently been rated the 19th Best Album of All-Time. If you are a collector and want a Top 20 in Rock n Roll's History, this album is an absolute must!

#20 Public Enemy
"It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back"

not available

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