March 19, 2004
Volume 3 of Top 100 Countdown

Mymusicfix continued countdown of the Top 100 Rock n Roll recordings of all time
The following albums have been recognized as the 21st-33rd rated albums of all time by the Associated Press and VHI. The poll was conducted and judged by a poll of musicians, executives and journalists.

#21 Elvis
"Sun Sessions"
Elvis Presley Sun Singles
5 Sun 7" Singles
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#22- Bob Dylan
"HWY 61 Revisited"
180 Gram Limited Edition Virgin Vinyl. Dylan's first fully-fledged electric album engendered considerable controversy. Folk purists had already waved good-bye to him but rock had become the meter through which the singer could now best express his vision. Session Organist, Al Kooper, and Blues Guitarist, Mike Bloomfield, providing free-spirited accompaniment through a collection of songs that re-defined pop music. Completing the star studded cast of musicians was Harvey Goldstein on bass, and Bobby Gregg on drums.
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#23- Michael Jackson
Thriller is the best selling album of all time, with 45 million worldwide sales powered by seven Top 10 U.S. singles and eight Grammy Awards. Produced by Quincy Jones, Thriller was significantly slicker than its predecessor, Off the Wall, which is perhaps Michael's second greatest solo album ever. Elements of tracks like "Billie Jean" (arguably Jackson's finest performance) and "Beat It" (with its hard-rock solo by guitarist legend Eddie Van Halen) were not just a new influence on Jackson's records, but an influence that impacted the entire dance-pop world.

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#24- The Rolling Stones
"Let It Bleed"
The 1970 release of "Let It Bleed" (a sardonic reply to the Beatles "Let It Be") exploded on the airways with the hit "Gimme Shelter." This LP is a large piece of musical history in the Stone's history with the passing of Brian Jones in 1969 and the acquirement of Mick Taylor. Although Jones can be heard on most of the tracks, his untimely death forced Mick to finish the album with the Stones and launch a new phase of the band.

#25- The Clash
"London Calling"
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"Black Market", "The Story," "Combat Rock," "Give Em Enough Rope," "The Clash."
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#26- Bob Marley
A classic cover to cover gem realeased in 1977 that contains such magnificent singles as "Jamming" (No.9 UK '77), "Waiting In Vain" (No.27 UK '77) and the brilliant title track itself "Exodus" (No.14 UK '77); these hits explain why the album spent over 1 year on the UK charts alone! "Exodus" is the only album that crossed over from another musical genre (Reggae) into Rock n Roll in the list of top 100 albums. The title track was the first to receive wide-spread play in the U.S. sub-titled "Movement of Jah People". The recording carries a strong thematic religious message of the Rasta's.

#27- Bruce Springsteen
"Born To Run"

This is the only Album to have two songs rated as the Top 100 singles of All-Time, not even the Beatles achieved that feat. The two songs are the title track "Born to Run" and "Thunder Road." "Born To Run" is the Album that turned Springsteen from a phenomenon into a SuperStar. This was an ambitious album in which he was synthesizing Spectorian and Orbison-esque drama with Dwayne Eddy-inflluenced guitar creating something grand enough to be called Rock Opera but too proletarian to ever claim that title.

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#28 Patti Smith
The painter turned poet and part time playwright, Patti Smith realeased her musical debut in 1974 with what many call the first punk rock single "Piss Factory." But it was her 1975 release, "Horses" that catapulted her to a Rock & Roll history. Produced by John Cale, "Horses" is a mixture of exhortatory Rock & Roll such as "Gloria," "Land of 1000 Dances," with influences hailing to vocal greats Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. Not only famous for her poetry and music, Patty played a large role in putting legendary punk club CBGB's on the map.

180 Gram UK LP

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#29- Bob Dylan
"Blood On The Tracks"
Inevitably, this Dylan 1975 classic has positioned itself as what critics use as a barometer to praise any Bob Dylan album since. Inspired by a crumbled marriage and recorded after a tour with The Band that had apparently re-ignited Dylan's creativity, this LP is among Dylan's best masterpieces.

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#30- Arethra Franklin
"I Never Loved A Man
(The Way I Love You)"
Arethra signed with Atlantic records in 1966 after years of touring the country with her father as a soul singer. With the help of producer Jeryy Wexler, she began to make records that would shape soul music with this debut release recorded in Alabama. This LP spawned an incredible three years of hits that sold in the millions with song such as "Respect," "Chain of Fools," "Since You've Been Gone" and so many more.

Analog LP
#31- Stevie Wonder
This 1973 release is perhaps Stevie's finest, maybe only to be outdone by his follow up, Songs In The Key Of Life in 1974 (rated #8 all time). Innervisions is a cover to cover gem that includes Stevie's distinctive fusion of pop, soul, jazz, reggae, and African rhythms that has made him rated the #11 Greatest Artist of All Time. Featuring such mega hits as "Higher Ground," Stevie delivers powerful song composition that include topics of being aware of societal ills while advocating nonviolent political change.

#32- Van Morrison
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#33- Simon & Garfunkel
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

After a decade of pop stardom, America's favorite folk rock duo was just about ready to go their separate ways (at least Simon was) but not before releasing this gem as a swan song. Possibly Simon and Garfunkel's most diverse album, Bridge Over Troubled Water firmly established them as creators of pop standards on the par with Irving Berlin or Johnny Mercer. The title tune alone, a beautiful unfolding gospel-twinged vow of emotional commitment places them in the pop Hall of Fame forever.

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