March 26, 2004
Volume 4
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MFSL 24k Gold CD

MFSL 200 Gram LP
Bob Marley
"Catch A Fire"

Bob Marley introduced the universal Reggae beat to the world in 1973 with "Catch A Fire." Mobile Fidelity brings out the infectious Reggae beat and the trademark booming bottom in this Marley masterpiece. Contains the classics "Kinky Reggae," "Stir It Up," "Stop That Train," "Concrete Jungle." Reviews gave Catch A Fire a 10 out of 10; their highest rating.
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MFSL 24k Gold CD

MFSL 200 Gram LP

R.E.M.'s 1983 debut album turned the rock world on its ear. This is music which has withstood the test of time and has influenced countless bands. Contains the hit single "Radio Free Europe." Reviewers gave Murmur a 10 out of 10; their highest rating.



Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

The following albums have been voted as the 34th-44th rated albums of all time by the Associated Press and VHI. We also are including #32, only one copy left!

Classic Analog LP
#32-Van Morrison

On previous recordings Van Morrison had implied Soul and R & B roots; on Moondance he set them free. He had rarely sounded so relaxed, whether on the bubbling joy of "And It Stoned Me", the finger popping ease of the title track "Moondance" or the celebratory bliss of "Caravan." Morrison reveled in the music's tight arrangements and clearly enjoyed the punchy horn section ("Glad Tidings") while also identifying with a quieter, acoustic setting such as "Crazy Love." This Analog pressing is very rare, only 1 copy left.



Classic Analog LP
#34-James Brown
"Sex Machine"
(2 LPs)

As this 1970 Polydor release states on the cover, "Recorded Live At Home In Augusta, Georgia With His Bad Self." From the moment the record begins with "Get Up I Feel Being Like A Sex Machine," you will feel Brown's soul and funk pumping out of your stylus with a magnetism that can only be recognized as the Godfather of Soul.



"Sign O' The Times"
Sold Out

CBS Mastersound LP
#36-Michael Jackson
"Off The Wall"

This album made music history. Not only was it the release that signaled the arrival of Michael Jackson as a major talent outside the Jackson Five, it was the first record by a solo artist to contain four Top 10 hits. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Rock with You," "Off the Wall," and "She's out of My Life" were essential listening in the late '70s and early '80s. This CBS Mastersound pressing is very rare, out of print over 25 years only 1 copy left.



Classic Analog LP
#37-Lauryn Hill
"The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill"

Following her new found freedom from the Fugees, Lauryn manifested her first solo record in 1998 and captured the spirit of rap, soul and r & b; an effort that awarded her with multiple Grammy's. Miseducation also placed her in the pop limelight with mainstream hits like "Doo Wop (that thing)" and "Everything is Everything."



DCC 180 Gram LP

DCC 24K Gold CD
Only 1 copy left. Gone and out of print forever
"Hotel California"
"Hotel California" (much like #43) could have deservingly found its self voted higher in the 100 greatest albums; regardless, it's a cover to cover gem that stands shoulder to shoulder with just about any rock album ever made. It remains a true classic much in part to the title track "Hotel California" (voted the sixth Greatest Song of All Time) plus other classics "New Kid In Tow," "Life In The Fast Lane," "Victim of Love" and much more.

#39-Carole King
Carole King was renowned for composing a succession of classic pop songs in the 1960's, but with the release of "Tapestry," which successfully married her skill with the contemporary songwriter movement, she moved to the forefront of popular music. This album is comprised of self penned material and collaborations with her ex-husband and lyricist, Tony Stern. King's unfuzzy vocal style enhances the simply stated yet astute material, and in "It's Too Late" the singer expresses the breakdown of a relationship with percipient incisiveness. Such a skill endures the albumís lasting popularity. Also available in Classic Records pressing for $44.99
180 Gram LP, out of print

45 Speed 4 LP Set

CBS Mastersound 24K Gold CD

#40-Van Morrison
"Astral Weeks"
sold out

MFSL 24K Gold CD
#41-Aretha Franklin
"Lady Soul"

Contains both Lady Soul and Now. Lady Soul, appropriately titled, was released in 1968 and shortly after went gold with chart topping million selling singles such as "Chain of Fools," and "Natural Woman." Other tracks include "Money Won't Change You," "People Get Ready," "Niki Hocky," "Since You've Been Gone," "Good To Me As I Am To You," "Come Back Baby," "Groovin," and "Ain't No Way." Only 1 copy left. Gone and out of print forever



Classic Analog LP
#42-Guns N' Roses
"Appetite For Destruction"

The biggest selling debut album in history, G N R gained stardom with this 1987 release for their 70's rock n roll style and all out rebelliousness that recalled the early Stones years. By 1988, after a tour opening for Aerosmith, G N R had gained a massive following and rose to the top of the charts with their #1 single, "Sweet Child O' Mine," and the #7 single "Welcome To The Jungle." Only 1 copy left. Gone and out of print forever




200 Gram LP

180 Gram 1st Edition LP
#43-Led Zeppelin
"Led Zeppelin"
The band was brought together from a random phone call to Robert Plant by Jimmy Page, who was looking for a singer to form a band with. His first singer of choice was unavailable, however that led to meeting with Plant at Page's London flat for a jam session. The holes were quickly filled with John Bohnam and John Paul Jones and just like that rock n roll gods are born. Classics include "Good Times, Bad Times," "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You," "Dazed and Confused," "Your Time Is Gonna Come," and many more.

200 Gram LP

180 Gram 1st Edition LP
#44-Led Zeppelin
"Led Zeppelin II"
If only every band with a great album was able to follow it up with a release equal or better than, the world of music would be an even better place. Unfortunately, even super groups are not able to do so as often as one would think, but Zeppelin, of course, is on a whole different platform than most. Tracks include, "Whole Lotta Love," "What Is and What Should Never Be," "The Lemon Song," "Thank You," "Heartbreaker," "Living Loving Maid," "Ramble On," "Moby Dick," and "Bring It On Home."

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