April 28, 2006
Live Recording Sessions Continued

In our February, 18th newsletter we spoke of the movie "Ray," about Ray Charles' early years with Atlantic Records and ABC/Paramount, which had a particular scene that places that recording era into perspective. In this scene the movie shows Ray Charles (played by Oscar award winning Jamie Foxx) in the studio recoding his classic LP "Country & Western Hits," and the song on that LP "Georgia On My Mind;" he is accompanied by an orchestra, the Rayettes, choir singers and his band. All of these musicians were present in the studio and ready to go when they said, "1, 2, 3." When those magic words were said the whole room filled with musicians came to life in unison to lay down the track.

Much of today's recording process is a completely different animal. For example, Rod Stewart, in his recent Grammy award winning effort for "Great Love Songs Sessions," never saw his duet artists! Not that the result does not sound great, but there is a feeling that is missing, a feeling that comes through so true in the recordings of artists such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra , The Beatles, Nat King Cole and many more. Recording sessions by these artsts, and others from that era, are recorded truly live, and you can hear it and feel it in the sound thus making the following titles a true listening gift second to none for the true audiophiles!

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