May 14, 2004
Volume 1
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Top 100 Artists Of All Time

Top 100 Artists Of All Time. Everyone has an opinion about who are the real rock royalty are, but see what VHIís poll of musicians and press concluded were the greatest of all time with mymusicfixís weekly newsletter.

#11 Stevie Wonder

A synthesizer and studio pioneer, he is one of the few musicians (including artist #18, Prince) that virtually plays all the instruments on his albums. Wonder is not only a God given talent, but he was a prodigy that was groomed for stardom from an early age. His music is a hybrid of difficult and impressive chord changes, R & B energy, jazz, reggae and African rhythms. In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Stevie Wonder had two albums recognized.

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#12 Ray Charles


Ray Charles virtually invented soul music by bringing together gospel, blues, country, big-band and jazz arrangements to form a style that was both refined and spontaneous. He was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was five, and because it went untreated, he soon after loss his site. The years after were dedicated to learning music through brail and dedicating himself to his craft. In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Ray Charles was recognized just one time.

#13 The Beach Boys

The sound of California rock was virtually began by the Beach Boys. Celebrating the California lifestyle, the early Brian Wilson catalog idealized surfing, driving, and dating, all put together with a perfect blend of catchy guitar and superb vocal harmonies. They are ìAmericaís Bandî and arguably one of the greatest American rock bands ever. Selling over 65 million records, and with the #3 album of all time, ìPet Soundsî the Beach Boys are rock & roll icons.

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#14 Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye was one of the most consistent and prolific of all Motown artists. A gifted composer and singer (which included a three octave vocal range), Marvin was also notorious for being a private man that despised the public eye including TV and live performances. Gaye began singing at age three in church and soon after found his way behind the organ; after brief stint in the air force and few dop-wop groups, Gaye found his home in the recording studio making music. In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Gayeís ìWhatís Going Onî was recognized as #4.

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#15 Eric Clapton

In the years that Clapton has been in such groups as The Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, and his solo endeavors, Clapton has always pushed the envelope of blues guitar only like a true guitar-god can do. In the early years, the slogan ìClapton Is Godî became a regular scene gratified onto London walls. After years of being the lead guitarist , Clapton affirmed himself as a solid lead vocalist with his 70ís solo records including #1 1974, ì461 Ocean Boulevard.î In the Top 100 Albums of All Time, Derek and the Dominoes ìLaylaî was recognized as #89.

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#16 John Lennon

A political, social, and cultural icon, John Lennonís violent death in 1980 rocked the world. He was the Beatleís most committed rock & roller and went on to have a solo career that produced some of the best albums of the 70ís, including ìImagineî and ìWalls and Bridges, which yielded his only solo #1 hit ìWhatever Gets You Through The Night;î a collaboration with Elton John. No matter where you are in the world today, Lennonís image and music are undiminished nearly 25 years after his death.

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#17 Elton John

For most of the 70ís, Elton John and fellow song writer Bernie Taupin were a barrage of hits with 25 top 40 singles, 16 top 10, and six #1 hits; 15 of his 19 albums that were release during this time went gold or platinum. To date, the tandem has achieved over 48 top 40 hits and become one of pops most celebrated song writing duos. Elton, like his great friend Lennon, was also brutally honest with the public and told all about his struggles to gain control of his drug abuse, depression, and even bulimia. Through it all he has remained an inspiration to millions of fans world wide.

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#18 Prince

One of the most controversial, influential, and popular artists on the 80ís, Prince is also one of greatest guitarist and musicians of the last 20 years. His style is a hybrid of rock, pop, and funk that is unmistakable to the ear; and much like Stevie Wonder and other multi-talented artists, Prince played virtually every instrument on his first five albums. Prince is also a prolific song writer that pumped out album after album in an age where superstars, such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, cut a new album every three years.

#19 Pink Floyd

ìDark Side of The Moonî was the bands most successful album and bridge across the pond to American sales. The album remained in the top 200 album charts longer than any other release in history and continues today to find fans as new generations rediscover its genius. Floydís experiments with concept albums and studio technology broke free of conventional pop structure and format. This astonishing development set the stage for the progressive rock on the 70ís and ambient music of the 80ís.

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#20 The Doors

Ray Manzerkís organ, Robby Kriegerís jazzy psychedelic-blues guitar work, Densmoreís crashing drums, and Morrisonís poetic lyrics launched this LA band to the forefront of rock music in 1967 with their self-titled release. The excess of death, sex, charisma, and the mysterious gave this band an aura of complexity that has not only survived, but has grown during the 30 years since Morrisonís death. A band that embodied what is was to be different from the norm, both in music and Morrisonís on and off stage antics; The Doors have been a rock inspiration for countless bands and lead singers.

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