November 26, 2003

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VAN HALEN - BALANCE - Out of Print SEALED LP - Much like the band's earlier album, FAIR WARNING, BALANCE was recorded during a tumultuous time for the band. In many ways, this album is similar to FAIR WARNING in the sense that both albums have a dark cloud hovering over most of the songs. Aggression and ill feelings aside, the band was able to create an album full of powerful music. The album was the last of Van Halen's with Sammy Hagar as the lead singer.

DONOVAN - GREATEST HITS Out of Print SEALED LP. If there was anyone on the pop scene in the middle 1960s that rivaled the brilliance and flamboyance of both Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, it was English superstar folkie Donovan. With Catchy melodies and colorful lyrics, he caught the imagination of the sixties generations with his playful and imaginative takes on the contemporary scene. He caused a major stir with "Mellow Yellow", which touted the supposed hallucinogenic properties of banana peels, when he knew perfectly well it was all a joke. But wonderful songs like "Colours", "Hurdy Gurdy Man", and "Catch The Wind", made him immensely popular, and thoughtful and hypnotic love songs like "Lalena" certainly helped his reputation as a charismatic troubadour. He spun tall tales that were more fun and games than serious poetry put to music. He will always be remembered by baby boomers for his lovely sound and his sweetness and presence on stage, where he seemed to personally embody the sixties' vision of the new, more intelligent and sensitive male human being, more interested in love and whimsy than war. This is a lovely collection of a wonderful artist's music.


JEFF BECK - TRUTH Out of Print SEALED LP. After leaving the Yardbirds in late-1966, Jeff Beck hooked up with pop-meister Mickie Most (Herman's Hermits, Donovan) but had little luck with the UK singles chart. By 1968, Beck enlisted vocalist Rod Stewart, bass player Ron Wood, and drummer Mickey Waller. Their debut TRUTH would be the most consistently satisfying album of Beck's career. The album kicks off with a reworking of the 1966 Yardbird's hit "Shapes of Things" and from there presents a string of blues-based songs that would become the framework for heavy metal in general and Led Zeppelin in particular. Highlights include "You Shook Me," "Rock My Plimsoul" and the guitar workout "Beck's Bolero," but the standout track is "I Ain't Superstitious." As a bandleader, Beck could be temperamental and his bands tended to not last for more than one or two albums. Beck's post-Sixties work always showed flashes of brilliance but TRUTH belongs in any serious music collector's library.

BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - S/T Out of Print SEALED LP. The band-mates of Blood, Sweat and Tears staged a palace coup, asking the band's founder and leader Al Kooper to leave the band, freeing them to set a new direction for their music. Not content with the horn-based rock of CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN (their first album) their new direction would include more overt use of jazz. Also in search of a lead vocalist more polished than Kooper, they found David Clayton Thomas. In early 1969 the results were released in the form of an album titled simply BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS but to place it in historical context, it is known as "BS&T 2". The album was phenomenally successful, putting the group on the popular culture map in a way CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN had not, launching three hit singles, and winning multiple Grammys.

WILLIE DIXON - I AM THE BLUES Out of Print SEALED LP. Willie Dixon is definitely one of the most influential blues musicians ever, right up there with Robert Johnson and T-Bone Walker. Willie had written many tunes for Muddy Waters and others, and I AM THE BLUES is Dixon singing his own songs. This is an awesome album to get into the blues with, and it still holds true today. Standouts are "Back Door Man", "The Seventh Son", and "The Same Thing". Songs like "I Can't Quit You, Baby" tug at the roots of blues tradition. Yet he wasn't traditional, rather an originator; and this album epitomized that fact. From Led Zeppelin and Eric Clayton, to the Rolling Stones, it seems like everyone took something from Dixon. An essential entry for anyone who enjoys the blues.

PHIL COLLINS - BUT SERIOUSLY Out of Print SEALED LP. Phil Collins closed out the 80's with the chart-topping BUT SERIOUSLY, which spawned four mega-hit singles and also mirrored its title in a turn toward more pensive, socially conscious fare, such as "Another Day in Paradise" and "That's Just the Way It Is." The LP also contains Collins' finest batch of lost-love songs ("Do You Remember," "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven," "I Wish It Would Rain Down") since his first two albums. Collins is aided on the album by some of his famous friends, including Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Stephen Bishop, and David Crosby.

MIKE AND THE MECHANICS - S/T Out of Print SEALED LP - This is one of the better albums to come out in the 80's. -this album is a wonderfully catchy disc of excellent, melodic 80's pop/rock. Mike Rutherford's 2nd Successful Band - 1985's MIKE & THE MECHANICS isn't really guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford's first solo project---it's his third---but it is the first release under the group name, which became Rutherford's successful solo project outside of his main band, Genesis. After a long string of successful Genesis albums guitarist and co-founding member Mike Rutherford released this side project Mike and the Mechanics. Rutherford scores big with this release. He succeeds unlike many artists who decide to do solo projects away from their respective popular bands. He has put together a disc with well-written, catchy material and very talented musicians. MIKE & THE MECHANICS is a terrific album, one of Mike Rutherford's best offerings as a solo artist, and one of the 80's finest albums. It's a great LP.

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$24.99 - DAVE MASON - ALONE TOGETHER with My Analog Fix T-Shirt. ALONE TOGETHER LP is 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl Limited Edition pressing by MCA with the expensive Gate-Fold Cover, Long Out Of Print. FYI, this is one of the last factory sealed copies left in the world ALONE TOGETHER has an absolute All-Star lineup accompanying Dave Mason of Bonnie & Delaney and including Leon Russell, Jim Keltner, Carl Radle, Rita Coolidge, Jim Gordon, and from Traffic Jim Capaldi. With so many artists, Dave Mason's solo debut album is probably his best. Perhaps it is because he had a backlog of songs that Traffic had never recorded, but 1970's ALONE TOGETHER is chock-full of great songs. This album includes the classic song Only You Know And I Know, Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave, World In Changes, Look At You Look At Me and much more.

$24.99 - MILES DAVIS - SKETCHES OF SPAIN Out of Print 180 Gram Limited Edition classic Columbia LP PLUS My Jazz Fix T-Shirt . Miles Davis impact on jazz is almost incalculable. From his early days as a sideman for Charlie Parker, through his groundbreaking BIRTH OF THE COOL sessions, to his stunning small groups of the 50s and 60s, through to his electric renaissance, the trumpeter, bandleader, and composer has left a deep mark on all who came after; he is a true jazz giant. SKETCHES OF SPAIN, though one of Davis' most commercially successful sessions, is also one of his most controversial. Re-teaming with arranger and composer Gil Evans, who played such a pivotal role in his 1949 BIRTH OF THE COOL recordings, SKETCHES OF SPAIN, with its emphasis on flamenco, rich orchestrations, and relaxed tempos, is certainly one of Davis' most mellow recordings and proved to have broad appeal. It is a mixture of Spanish classical scores and jazz melody, truly beautiful music. If you love Miles Davis and want something very relaxing from him, this is a great album to own. Essential for Miles Davis fans.

$49.99 - ELVIS PRESLEY 50 GREATEST RECORDINGS Exclusive 3 Limited Edition 180 Gram LPs with My Analog Fix T-Shirt. 50 GREATEST HITS really covers Elvis in almost every facet of his career from the early hits through his best live performances. A must for any true fan and an absolute pleasure to experience this rare selection of songs together for the 1st time on audiophile vinyl. You will immediately understand why he was and is the KING. Don't Miss Out because once these very limited editions are gone, they are gone forever causing this collectors set to tremendously skyrocket in price. Made by Simply Vinyl (made in England, has the best protective packaging I've seen) high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity.
Some of the songs include, That's All Right (Pre-Chart), Mystery Train (Pre-Chart), Heartbreak Hotel (No2 UK, No.1 US 56), Hound Dog (No.1 US, No.2 UK, 56), Love Me Tender (No.1 US, No.11 UK 56), All Shook Up (No.1 US & UK 57), Teddy Bear (No.1 US, No.3 UK 1957), Jailhouse Rock (No.1 US & UK 58), Don't (No.1 US, No.2 UK 1958), Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (No.2 US, No.3 UK 1958), Hard Headed Woman (No.1 US, No.2 UK 1958), King Creole (No.2 UK 1958), One Night (No.1 UK, No.4 US 1959), and all the early hits. The package covers his full career with the later hits like In The Ghetto (No.2 UK, No.3 US 1969), Suspicious Minds (No.2 UK, No.1 US 1969), The Wonder Of You (No.1 UK, No.9 US 1970), Always On My Mind (No.9 UK, No.20 US 1972) etc, etc, etc.

$49.99 - LENNY KRAVITZ - GREATEST HITS with My Analog Fix T-Shirt is a 180 Gram Limited Edition Simply Vinyl classic Double LP with expensive Gatefold Cover (made in England - has the best protective packaging I've seen) high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. As you would expect with this superior double package, it contains all his hits including the sugary sweet "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" (No.11 UK, No.2 US '91), the monster rocking "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (No.4 UK '93), "Believe" (No.30 UK, No.60 US '93), "Heaven Help" (No.21 UK '93), "Rock And Roll Is Dead" (No.22 UK, No.75 US) and of course his massive UK No.1 "Fly Away" (No.1 UK '99). The album is packed to the gunnels with his best moments from his smash albums.


$24.99 - MILES DAVIS - KIND OF BLUE with My Jazz Fix T-Shirt KIND OF BLUE is the one Jazz Record owned by people who don't listen to Jazz, and with good reason. The band itself is extraordinary (proof of Miles Davis' masterful casting skill). Listing popular artists like John Coltrane and Julian Cannon Adderley on Saxophones, Bill Evans on Piano, and the crack Rhythm Unit of Paul Chambers on Bass and Jimmy Cobb on Drums. This recording was originally recorded at the wrong speed on Side A. When the tape was played back at the correct speed, the transfer was too fast but by accident, it was found that the second back up Master Tape was correct and had been sitting in the vaults since 1959 and is what is included here. Coltrane's artistry on Tenor is counter poised to Adderley's funky self on Alto Sax with Davis moderating between them as Bill Evans conjures up a still lake of sound on which they all walk. It was the key recording of what became Modern Jazz, music free of fixed harmony and forms the pop songs. In retrospect, every note seems perfect and every piece moves inexorably towards its destiny as one of, if not the best, Jazz Album ever made.

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