December 3, 2004
Mymusicfix Collectors Alert

"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"

In the past few years there have been numerous audiophile labels that have lost their license to produce some of the finest high quality masterpieces and titles from some of the greatest artists of all time. Over the last decade these very limited edition pressings have sky rocketed in price within the collectors market because of each recordings rarity and supreme quality. As collectors we pride ourselves on owning these valued masterpieces (as a culture we are not traditionally down-loaders), and as collectors, we must understand the uniqueness of the audiophile market.

There is hardly ever any warnings that a collector receives regarding pressings that will no longer be obtainable, and if warnings are delivered, it usually occurs when inventories have depleted past the point to fulfill any demand. The latest example of this is the Simply Vinyl company who recently lost their license to produce Universal titles, which included fantastic titles by rock n roll and reggae greats that were pressed on 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl LPs. Now these titles are gone forever and the prices are skyrocketing to $60 or more because of the very limited remaining stock.

Mymusicfix is a company that enjoys assisting our customers in keeping their finger on the pulse of the ever changing audiophile vinyl & cd collectors market, because our customers as audiophiles, stand alone within the ever changing home entertainment market.

Please check back with us over the next few weeks leading up to the Holidays as we dedicate our next group of newsletters to listing all the titles that have disappeared from the audiophile market, as well as our top sellers over the past year. Almost all of our inventory are limited editions and have a tremendous chance of disappearing from our site within the next year so if you see something that strikes a chord with you, donít hesitate, as they could be ìHere Today and Gone Tomorrow."

24 Karat Gold CDs

Alexis Korner
"R & B From The Marquee"

#582 Boston
3rd Stage
#585 Eric Clapton/Derek & the Dominos
#596 Modern Jazz Quartet
Carnegie Hall
#603 John Hiatt
Bring the Family
#608 Eric Clapton
Just One Night
#609 Traffic
The Low Spark of the
High Heeled Boys
#610 Queen
The Game
#616 John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers w/ Eric Clapton
#628 Bob Marley
#639 Eric Clapton
#645 Howlin' Wolf
London Sessions
#652 Count Basie
April In Paris

#668 Queen
A Day at the Races
#683 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mother's Milk
#685 Thelonious Monk
Volume #1
#700 Herbie Hancock
Man Child
#733 Loggins & Messina
Full Sail

Creedence Clearwater Revival

"Cosmos Factory"
(Japan 1st edition)

Vinyl Top Sellers
#204 Alan Parsons
Tales of Alan Poe
#205 Modern Jazz Quartet
#206 Modern Jazz Quartet
Carnegie Hall
#221 Bob Marley
#225-2 Todd Rundgren
#227 Jean Michel Jarre
#228 Modern Jazz Quartet
At Music Inn
#237 Count Basie
April In Paris
#2-239 Eric Clapton/Derek & the Dominos

#257 Sonic Youth
#261 R.E.M.
#275 Alexis Korner
R & B From the Marquee

Vinyl Top Collection Sellers
(Available for phone or email purchase only)
#1023 The Doors
#1025 Joni Mitchell
Court N Spark
#1027 Ray Charles
Recipe For Soul
#1031 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmos Factory
#1034 The Doors
LA Woman
#1041 ELO
El Dorado
#1056 Pat Benatar
Heat of the Night
#1057 Sonny Rollins
Contemporary Leaders
#1061 The Band
Stage Freight
#1071 Elton John
Greatest Hits
#1073 Frank Sinatra
#1089 The Beach Boys
Sprit of America
#1099 Bonnie Raitt
Nick of Time
#1102 Bill Evans
#1110 Jefferson Airplane
Red Octopus

#1111 Elvis Presley
Elvis Is Back
#1118 Roy Orbison
Greatest Hits
#1123 Cars
Greatest Hits
#1141 Everly Brothers
Best of
#1144 Queen
Night at the Opera

#2004 Elton John
Madman Across the Water
#2012 Ray Charles
Country & Western Hits
#2013 Elton John
Greatest Hits
#2014 Wes Montgomery
Goin' Out of My Head
#2029 Nat King Cole
Love is the Thing
#2046 The Doors
#2049 The Doors
Waiting for the Sun
#2054 Jim Croce
Words & Music
#2065 Linda Ronstadt
Greatest Hits Volume 2

#2066 Van Halen
#2067 Judy Collins
Colors of the Day
#2072 Queen
Night at the Opera
#2058 Al Green
Greatest Hits

All of the following MFSL & DCC titles are now tremendously limited and are within months of disappearing from the audiophile industry in Factory Sealed condition. This is definitely your last chance to own these masterpieces.

Don't miss out!

Over 90% of MFSL Vinyl titles have disappeared from the audiophile market this year alone.

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