September 11, 2007
Over the last few months, Mymusicfix has been focusing on titles that are long out of print and some of the last remaining pieces left in the world (with their original factory seal).

Mymusicfix specific purpose is to keep our customers on the pulse of the Audiophile Collector's Market. This Market shifts so fast from items being in print and going out of print. Out of print titles disappear so fast it's why we refer to this market as "Here Today - Gone Tomorrow Forever." This is especially true in the Audiophile Vinyl Category.

This week's Newsletter evolves around Limited Edition Vinyl Albums Mymusicfix considers the best valued titles still available. Most of these titles have a very short window of finding them in their original factory seals. Almost all are gone from all other Audiophile Music Retailers.

There are some titles listed in this Newsletter which currently cost over $100 for that specific Limited Edition Masterpiece. But that is way below what those specific titles will sell for in the near future. Most of these titles are from MFSL and DCC. But we have seen DCC titles like The Doors, The Doors sell for $500 and MFSL titles sell at or above that rare collector's price.

When you see titles like DCC's Jethro Tull Original Masters sell in the 24-Karat Gold CD version for $340 and the LP is still only $150, you know it is a tremendous value at that price.

Mymusicfix has never seen a 24-Karat Gold CD ever outprice the value of the same Vinyl LP version by the same Audiophile Company. Example; you can still find MFSL 24-Karat Gold version of Billie Holiday's Body & Soul for $60 but the same MFSL LP would cost you $250 (if you could fine one). Collectors who understand this market know how valuable Limited Edition Audiophile Vinyl is in the long term.

Over the last year, there was one distributor who had the pressing rights to the Columbia/Epic catalog but their license has run out and all of the Limited Edition re-issues are gone from the Collector's Market. Many were pressed for the first time ever in Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl from artists like Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sade, Santana, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Sly & The Family Stone and Iggy Pop & The Stooges to name a few listed in this Newsletter. All of these titles are going to skyrocket in the Collector's Market. Mymusicfix has already seen some of these recent 180 Gram Limited Editions sell for over $100. Most of the titles by these aforementioned artists are currently selling at $25 at Mymusicfix or less but within months will be doubling or tripling that price.

This Newsletter is jam-packed with what Mymusicfix feels are the best out of print values remaining in Limited Edition Vinyl. Some titles are over 30 years out of print - example; J. Geils/Love Stinks from Nautilus. Nautilus, along with MFSL, was one of the first companies to press original session masters direct to Limited Edition high quality vinyl. These Nautilus pressings are masterpieces and give a true insight into the original artists these Audiophile companies considered to be the best sonics to produce in this new Limited Edition Audiophile category. Each Nautilus album is a real treat for any Audiophile.

This Newsletter is the first in this series of Best Value Vinyl Still Available at Mymusicfix.

Good Shopping and Collecting!
Long Out of Print Masterpieces

Pearl Jam

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