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"Duke Ellington, Factory Sealed MFSL Blues In Orbit" - Product Image
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"Duke Ellington, Factory Sealed MFSL Blues In Orbit"

DUKE ELLINGTON - BLUES IN ORBIT- SACD FROM THE ORIGINAL MFSL COMPANY OUT OF PRINT FOR OVER A DECADE AND ONE OF THE RAREST IN THE MFSL COLLECTORS SERIES - WAS THE 1ST AND ONLY SACD DONE BY THE ORIGINAL MFSL - Super Audio CD is re-mastered by Mobile Fidelity. The greatest advancement since the introduction of stereo, Super Audio CDs employ the innovative single-bit encoding system, Direct Stream Digital. Every SACD performs superbly with Compact Disc Players as well as the New SACD Players. Remember Hybrid SACDs will play back beautifully on all CD players. NOW OUT OF PRINT AND RARE - LAST COPY FOREVER The atmospheric, floating quality (see title) of the production and the mysterious, airy, and sparse arrangements make this record an overlooked gem. The first three tracks, recorded in February 1958, include the slow-moving blues of the title track, on which Duke Ellington's eerie piano fills answer the statements of the full band. The remainder of the album was recorded at two midnight sessions in December of the following year. Ray Nance (the only trumpet because of band restructuring) and especially Johnny Hodges offer the most rewarding solo contributions of the date, many of which stand alongside their best ever. Hodges's magnificently fragile and seductive alto graces and handles both delicate and driving passages with aplomb on Billy Strayhorn's "Smada" (with the composer in the piano chair) while Nance belts out the bridge. The band also revisits classics from the Ellington songbook: Nance shows his violin prowess on "C Jam Blues" before growling through "In a Mellotone"; is in Hodges's capable caress. Tracks Include: "Three J's Blues" "Smada" "Pie Eye's Blues" "Sweet And Pungent" "C Jam Blues" "In A Mellow Tone" "Blues In Blueprint" "The Swingers Get The Blues Too" "The Swinger's Jump" "Blues In Orbit" "Villes Ville Is The Place, Man".
SKU Number: SACD 757
Price: $329.99 
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