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"Al Stewart, 24 Carrots" - Product Image
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"Al Stewart, 24 Carrots"

Nautilus 1/2 Speed LPs AL STEWART - 24 CARROTS - NAUTILUS Half-Speed MasterSound Limited Edition Albums have been OUT OF PRINT since the early '80s. These Albums were mastered in Half-Speed technology which allows more time for the Original Session Master Tape to be transferred perfectly to Vinyl, a very costly and time-consuming process that was also used by Mo - Fi. Each has superior packaging and unique static free inner sleeves to protect each piece of vinyl. Known for their pure and natural sound - still considered some of the best Vinyl ever created. Mymusicfix only has a few of these NAUTILUS Pressings available and could be the last in this Factory Sealed condition. Don't Miss Out!! 24 K/Carrots surprises, and pleases, even after all these years. Musically, this could be Al at his most playful, comfortable with Peter White and Shot in the Dark providing great musical backing. Witness the very opening track - Running Man features a GREAT instrumental opening that hooks the listener, and mysterious lyrics that can't help but intrigue. The songs are strong, with lyrics that paint detailed pictures: Merlin's Time, Midnight Rocks, and Murmansk Run will remain with you. Mondo Sinistro is hilarious, and evokes memories of Dylan's humorous tracks, while Paint by Number is a stinging indictment. This is one of those Rare cover to cover recordings that really puts your system to the test . A true Rare Collectible
SKU Number: NRLP NR-34