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"Art Pepper, Intensity" - Product Image
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"Art Pepper, Intensity"

DCC 24K Gold CD - Factory Sealed Art Pepper - INTENSITY - DCC 24-Karat Gold Limited Edition CD and has become one of the rarest Jazz Limited Eition masterpieces in existance. Each CD was pressed directly from the original studio master session tapes ; the purest source of musical information and engineered to produce the finest CD sound quality available. Considered by many to be Art Peppers masterpiece, INTENSITY, was recorded at the end of 1960 just before Pepper's lengthy incarceration. Pepper was beginning to incorporate into his playing some of the new freedom being pioneered into jazz by John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman. The result was even greater daring in his playing style. On INTENSITY, Pepper, tests the boundaries of conventional harmony while observing the traditions of melodic improvisation which he never abandoned. This 24-Karat recording was mastered directly from Contemporary Records Session Tapes with one additional bonus track.
SKU Number: GZSCD 1114
Price: $89.99