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"Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger" - Product Image
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"Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger"

BO DIDDLEY/BO DIDDLEY IS A GUNSLINGER (LP) FACTORY SEALED LP - Analog vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. Not only does it sport one of the most striking album covers of its era (Diddley decked out in cowboy finery, about to get the drop on some unfortunate varmint with one of his fieriest guitars lying at his feet), this 1961 album contains some fine music. The title track continues the legend of you-know-who, while "Ride on Josephine" and "Cadillac" rock like hell (and Ed Sullivan must have been glad to see that Diddley finally learned "Sixteen Tons"). 1. Gun Slinger 2. Ride on Josephine 3. Doing the Crawdaddy 4. Cadillac 5. Somewhere 6. Cheyenne 7. Sixteen Tons 8. Whoa Mule (Shine) 9. No More Lovin' 10. Diddling
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