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"Bob Dylan, Down In The Groove" - Product Image
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"Bob Dylan, Down In The Groove"

BOB DYLAN - DOWN IN THE GROOVE - rare EUROPEAN stereo pressing - FACTORY SEALED Listening to "Down in the Groove" was a revelation, an epiphany! For the first time in my life, my ears were rocked clean of all their deafening wax, and my eyes, blind for so long, were suddenly freed from their scales and I could see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, oh yeah! (I have since discovered The Who, as well). Well, I never did bother to unpack those Lawrence Welk, Lennon Sisters, and Don Ho albums from their boxes. Instead I took them down to Half Price Books--7000 albums--where they gave me five dollars (their usual rate no matter what you bring in) for the whole lot of 'em. I went out and bought two McDonalds BBQ chicken sandwiches and a cup of coffee, and still had some change left over. I may have been poor, but I was happy. Thank you, Mr. Down in the Groove. Yes, I mean you, Mr. Dylan. 1. Let's Stick Together 2. When Did You Leave Heaven? 3. Sally Sue Brown 4. Death Is Not the End 5. Had a Dream About You, Baby 6. Ugliest Girl in the World 7. Silvio 8. Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street) 9. Shenandoah 10. Rank Strangers (To Me)
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