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"Cat Stevens, Izitso (low # 24) - MFSL Factory Sealed 200 Gram Half-Speed Pressing" - Product Image
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"Cat Stevens, Izitso (low # 24) - MFSL Factory Sealed 200 Gram Half-Speed Pressing"

MFSL Anadisq 200 Gram 1/2 Speed LP CAT STEVENS - IZITSO - MFSL SEALED Anadisq 200 Gram Half Speed LP is a Rare MFSL Limited Edition of 7,500 pressings which has been Out of Print for years, is a piece of musical history and is the only audiophile pressing of this classic recording . COLLECTORS NOTE: When you look at the new MFSL 180gram pressings and look at their new titles and packaging you will immediately understand why these 200 gram masterpieces are so valuable. They are just so much superior and expensive in there quality verses the new 180 gram pressings of New titles from John Lennon, Ammie Mann, Isaac Hayes Etc. You will never see this quality again of these long out of print 200 gram pressings. This exclusive MFSL 200 Gram re-issue of the 1977 A & M Records release transports the listener back to simpler times when life was sweet and brimming with love and kindness (remember those days). Cat Stevens was known for his gentle acoustics and melodies. IZITSO retains Steven's sensitive lyrics. Produced by Cat Stevens and Dave Kershembaum with guest performer, Chick Correa and a myriad of talented musicians and singers, IZITSO is the thirteenth Album of Cat Stevens career which critics have called an exceptional piece of work. The songs include "I Never Wanted To Be A Star" - "Remember The Days Of The Old Schoolyard" and much much more. You will not find this anywhere in this Pristine Sealed condition. It was only done on an Audiophile Pressing - never released as an MFSL 24-Karat Gold CD (same as Average White Band). Anadisq 200 Series are mastered with the GAIN SYSTEM and were designed to get the most from your sound system while capturing the incredible realism and presence in the listening experience without the annoyance of surface noise, distortion, hiss and disc warpage. "Out of Print" Tracks Include: "(Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard" "Life" "Killin' Time" "Kypros" "Bonfire" "(I Never Wanted) To Be a Star" "Crazy" "Sweet Jamaica" "Was Dog a Doughnut?" "Child for a Day".
SKU Number: MFAN 1-254
Price: $339.99