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"Cat Stevens, Tea For The Tillerman - MFSL UHQR JVC Half-Speed Pressing" - Product Image
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"Cat Stevens, Tea For The Tillerman - MFSL UHQR JVC Half-Speed Pressing"

CAT STEVENS - TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN - MFSL SEALED LP - This is a MFSL Super Virgin Vinyl 200 GRAM UHQR JVC Half-Speed Japanese BOX SET Pressing. THESE WERE VERY LIMITED PRESSINGS FROM THE 80'S. THEY WERE THE FIRST EVER HEAVY VINYL AUDIOPHILE PRESSINGS. IT'S A TRUE COLLECTORS DREAM TO OWN ONE OF THESE MASTERPIECES. LAST COPY FOREVER THE UHQR BY MFSL WERE THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY-ADVANCED RECORD CONCEIVED. THE OVERALL SONIC IMPACT IS STARTLING, FEATURING EXTREMELY SPECIFIC IMAGING, GREATLY EXPANED FREQUENCY AND VASTLY IMPROVED CHANNEL SEPARATION. THE UHQR WEIGHS MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH AS A CONVENTIONAL LP AND TAKES MORE THAN 10 TIMES LONGER TO PRESS. AS A RESULT, IT CONTAINS FAR MORE HIGH FIDELITY INFORMATION WITHIN ITS GROOVES. EACH UHQR IS ELEGANTLY BOXES AND PROTECTIVELY PACKAGED. PRESSINGS WERE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 5000 EDITIONS, EACH ONE HAND NUMBERED FOR AUTHENTICITY. A recording from the Victor Company of Japan for state of the art audiophile pressings. This MFSL LP was pressed in Japan before Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs eventually pressed their Lps in the United States. The LP was Half-Speed Mastered with the Ortofon Cutting System from the Original Stereo Master Tapes. This MFSL LP has a special static free, dust free inner sleeve and heavy-duty protective packaging. This LP has been Out of Print for 25 years and a bonafide audiophile's collectible. TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN is one of Cat Stevens's finest albums, and a gem in the crown of early 1970s singer/songwriterdom. Stevens manages to have his cake and eat it too, simultaneously achieving pop accessibility and artistic relevance. While inviting rhythms (buoyed by Stevens's dynamic acoustic strumming) and pop hooks abound, the feel is decidedly gentle and spare. Apart from the occasional string section, Stevens is accompanied only by a three-piece band as he sings his introspective lyrics with appreciable fervor. While there are some relatively conventional love songs here ("Hard Headed Woman," "Wild World"), the most memorable moments come when Stevens's lyrics venture further afield. "Father and Son" is a poignant but realistic and unsentimental portrait of the generation gap, capable of reducing any given dad or junior to tears. "On the Road to Find Out" and "But I Might Die Tonight" reflect Stevens's existential dilemmas, and the resulting spiritual quest that would later lead him to embrace the Islamic faith. The graceful beauty of arrangements, performances, and songs makes TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN a folk-rock classic Track listing 1. Where Do The Children Play? 2. Hard Headed Woman 3. Wild World 4. Sad Lisa 5. Miles From Nowhere 6. But I Might Die Tonight 7. Longer Boats 8. Into White 9. On The Road To Find Out 10. Father And Son 11. Tea For The Tillerman MFSL LIMITED EDITION. This Limited Edition FACTORY SEALED LP is an audiophile collector's item that simply gives the feeling of being directly in the studio with the artist. Used nothing but the finest lacquers. The more you play the LP, your stylus will polish the grooves and actually improve the sonics of your MFSL LP. This recording is mastered from the Original Session Tapes. This Out of Print LP has all Liner Notes, Photos, and Artwork from the Original LP faithfully recreated. A SONIC WORK OF ART. These Out of Print gems are the FINEST/RAREST of the audiophile LP market. The future of these collectibles is so exciting because each piece is a sonic work of art that will never be reproduced using this state of the art proprietary technology, high quality ingredients and attention to detail from beginning to end. The depth and dimension of the music is delivered back to you with all the dynamics and richness of the live recording session. With Mobile Fidelity, you will come as close as possible to hearing the three-dimension quality of the music just as the artist intended it to be.
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