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"Charles Earland, Black Talk - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK "

CHARLES EARLAND - BLACK TALK FACTORY SEALED LP This is an incredible album, not because of Earland's genius as a soloist, but because of his distinct ability to BURN... While many of his contemporaries were still stuck in the '50s with that grindy Jimmy Smith sound.... Earland forged ahead with an equally earthy, but more "dance floor" appropriate sound... built from the funky Jimmy McGriff school, but going far beyond mere blues. - - His sweat inducing energetic version of MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY is now a Jazz organ staple (as well as staple of his live performances) - - Songs from this album also appear on the soundtrack to Fritz the Cat - - Everything on the album is funky.. the type that club DJs love to get their hands on and sample - - This is one album that I'd have to reccommend not only to Jazzers, but folks into Greyboy All Stars, Albert Collins, MMW, Funk Inc. even the Meters (only this is the REAL thing - - you'll see what I mean when you get it.) Track Listings 1. Black Talk 2. Mighty Burner 3. Here Comes Charlie 4. Aquarius 5. More Today Than Yesterday
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