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"Cowboy Junkies, Whites Off Earth Now - MFSL SACD" - Product Image
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"Cowboy Junkies, Whites Off Earth Now - MFSL SACD"

COWBOY JUNKIES - WHITES OFF EARTH NOW MFSL SACD - Super Audio CD is re-mastered by Mobile Fidelity featuring liner notes. The greatest advancement since the introduction of stereo, Super Audio CDs employ the innovative single-bit encoding system, Direct Stream Digital. Every SACD player performs superbly with Compact Discs. And Hybrid SACDs will play back beautifully on CD players. Whites Off Earth Now! is the fascinating 1986 debut from the four members of the Timmins family known as the Cowboy Junkies. All but one of the original tracks are blues covers, including three from John Lee Hooker and two from Robert Johnson. The album captures the band in the midst of shaping their signature country-on-valium sound that would come to fruition on later records. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Shining Moon 2. State Trooper 3. Me And The Devil 4. Decoration Day 5. Baby Please Don't Go 6. I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive 7. Take Me 8. Forgive Me 9. Crossroads
SKU Number: CMOB 4010
Price: $219.99