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"Deep Purple, Machine Head DVD" - Product Image
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"Deep Purple, Machine Head DVD"

This is the Deluxe Rare Limited Edition Collectors DVD 5.1 Quadrophonic Sound and has State of the Art digitially remastering. Tremendously rare now and a true collectors package. One and only remaining and gone forever. Don't Miss Out. IN PERFECT MINT CONDITION. Track listing DISC 1: 1. Highway Star 2. Maybe I'm A Leo 3. Pictures Of Home 4. Never Before 5. Smoke On The Water 6. Lazy 7. Space Truckin' 8. When A Blind Man Cries 9. Maybe I'm A Leo - (quadrophonic mix) 10. Lazy - (quadrophonic mix) DISC 2: 1. Highway Star - (Roger Glover mix) 2. Maybe I'm A Leo - (Roger Glover mix) 3. Pictures Of Home - (Roger Glover mix) 4. Never Before - (Roger Glover mix) 5. Smoke On The Water - (Roger Glover mix) 6. Lazy - (Roger Glover mix) 7. Space Truckin' - (Roger Glover mix) 8. When A Blind Man Cries - (Roger Glover mix) Details Distributor: WEA Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo SPAR Code: n/a Album notes Deep Purple: Ian Gillan (vocals); Richie Blackmore (guitar); Jon Lord (keyboards); Roger Glover (bass); Ian Paice (drums). Recorded in Montreux, Switzerland in December 1971. This package contains the original MACHINE HEAD plus quadrophonic mixes of 2 songs on one disc, MACHINE HEAD remixed by Roger Glover in 1998, and a 28 page booklet. A probable contender for one of hard rock's "all-time most influential albums," Deep Purple's MACHINE HEAD has all the markings of a heavy classic. It was here that the band's combination of amped-up blues, progressive instrumental prowess, screaming guitars, and thunderous rhythms was crystallized for the ages, helping to lay the foundation for hard rock and heavy metal throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. The lone presence of "Smoke on the Water" immediately elevates the album to essential status. The song became a long-running radio staple, and boasts one of the most instantly recognizable guitar riffs in rock history. Yet the rest of the album holds up impressively, from the adrenaline-soaked opener "Highway Star," in which organist Jon Lord and guitarist Richie Blackmore trade off dazzling solos, to the churning "Space Truckin'," another riff-driven rocker. Vocalist Ian Gillian, whose dramatic, soaring tenor set the mold for many heavy metal singers to follow, is in fine form here, as are the pyrotechnics of Blackmore and Lord. Everything from the title to the warped group photo on the album cover indicates that MACHINE HEAD will be an exercise in unabashed, brain-melting rock, and that is exactly what it delivers. It still stands in the pantheon of seminal hard rock records. Editorial reviews Included in Q's 50 Heaviest Albums of All Time. Q (07/01/2001) ...nothing but good, hard, socking music... Rolling Stone (05/25/1972)
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