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"Genesis, Live - 180 Gram - First Generation" - Product Image
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"Genesis, Live - 180 Gram - First Generation"

Classic Original Master 1st Generation 180 Gram Pressing, "Out of Print GENESIS - LIVE - This 1st Edition Limited Edition Audiophile Mastered LP (from the Original Session Tapes and out of print forever) was mastered by Classic Records. THESE MASTERPIECES HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE OUT OF PRINT FOREVER ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 2007. THESE AUDIOPHILE GEMS WILL GO THRU THE ROOF AS THE MOST VALUED PRESSING EVER ON VINYL. MYMUSICFIX SEES THIS TITLE SELLING IN THE MONTHS TO COME FOR $300+ IN THE OUT OF PRINT COLLECTORS MARKET - DON'T MISS OUT ON SOME OF OUR LAST COPIES FOREVER. This 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl LP has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced of this recording. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio. Classic Records has proven to be an Audiophile Company second to none in the new millennium. But Classic Records, unlike other top Audiophile Companies, does not place Limited Edition numbers on their LP jackets. 2 years ago, Classic Records changed their vinyl weight from 180 gram to 200 gram. Mymusicfix knows no expert that has been able to decipher a true difference in quality with this 20 gram weight increase. What this change did for Collectors of the finest vinyl pressings was establish a First Edition element to Classic Records Audiophile pressings. All Classic Records 180 Gram pressings are now Out of Print and Very Limited Edition Collector's First Edition Pressings. In the long term, First Editions will be what Collectors seek. When you look at Classic Records First Edition 180 Gram pressings.It could be one of the most collectible pressings ever in this 180 Gram First Edition. From very early on, Genesis was intensely interested in the staging of live shows. This wasn't just a concert, and this isn't just a live album. It is filled with moments of power (the closing section of "Musical Box") -- not so subtle political commentary ("Get 'Em Out By Friday") and even humor when a bass string is errantly sounded between songs and Peter Gabriel announces "That was an unaccompanied bass solo by Michael Rutherford." It is a perfect representation of a group of brilliant young men who took their music very seriously, but never themselves. This recording shows them in their elemental form. Other included tracks are: The Return Of The Giant Hogweed -The Knife - Watcher Of The Skies.
SKU Number: CLLP 1666