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"Jackie McLean, A Long Drink Of The Blues - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK" - Product Image
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"Jackie McLean, A Long Drink Of The Blues - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK"

JACKIE MCLEAN - A LONG DRINK OF THE BLUES FACTORY SEALED LP The first side of this obscure but worthwhile session is a loosely-organized, extended jam session on a blues in the key of F, much like Jimmy Smith's celebrated "Sermon." The cast combines obscure players (Gil Coggins, Webster Young) with established stars (Curtis Fuller, who offers some of his best choruses on record; Paul Chambers, the heart of the rhythm section; the long-lived, much-traveled Louis Hayes). But the main message is offered by Jackie, first a rare solo on tenor saxophone, then a quick costume change and he's back with his alto on the same tune. On both instruments he reveals, along with his command of the language of modern jazz and deep-rooted blues indebtedness, that always controversial but inescapable personal "sound"--raw, acidic, pungently sour, and slightly sharp. If he ever listened to and learned much from a Johnny Hodges or Paul Desmond, it's certainly not apparent in his playing from this period. He's like the talented, irrepressible kid with all of the tattoos and body piercings--hard for some of us instantly to embrace yet always in your face and winning your respect in spite of yourself. It's good to have this obscurity rescued from oblivion. Track Listings 1. Long Drink of the Blues [Take 1] 2. Long Drink of the Blues [Take 2] 3. Embraceable You 4. I Cover the Waterfront 5. These Foolish Things
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