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"Jackson Browne, Running On Empty - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK" - Product Image
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"Jackson Browne, Running On Empty - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK"

JACKSON BROWNE RUNNING ON EMPTY 5.1 CD + DVD SEALED - OVER 200 NEVER - BEFORE - SEEN TOUR PHOTO'S & 2 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO MONTAGES. INCLUDES 2 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS. Recorded onstage, backstage, in three different hotel rooms, and on a Continental Silver Eagle tour bus during a cross-country 1977 tour, Running on Empty is a paean to life on the road. Jackson Browne's sense of camaraderie extended to the road crew, if "The Load Out," a love song to his roadies, is to be believed. Browne is much more blithe here than in his earlier outings. But Empty also represents a fleeting lighthearted moment for the singer-cum-poet whose concerns became more political than personal after its appearance. Beneath its flippant surface, this disc is a look at the lengths Browne and his friends went to avoid facing the demands of the touring life. What with the frequent drug references, misogynistic references to on-the-fly pairings with women, and the sobering line in the title track--"I look around for the friends I used to pull me through / Looking into their eyes, I see them running, too"--one realizes that Browne was much more comfortable on the road than off. Disc: 1 1. Running on Empty [Live] 2. Road 3. Rosie 4. You Love the Thunder [Live] 5. Cocaine 6. Shaky Town 7. Love Needs a Heart [Live] 8. Nothing but Time 9. Load-Out [Live] 10. Stay Disc: 2 1. Running on Empty [DVD] [Surround Sound] [Live] 2. Road [DVD] [Surround Sound] 3. Rosie [DVD] [Surround Sound] 4. You Love the Thunder [DVD] [Surround Sound] [Live] 5. Cocaine [DVD] [Surround Sound] 6. Shaky Town [DVD] [Surround Sound] 7. Love Needs a Heart [DVD] [Surround Sound] [Live] 8. Nothing but Time [DVD] 9. Load-Out [DVD] [Surround Sound] [Live] 10. Stay [DVD] [Surround Sound] 11. Cocaine Again [DVD] [Surround Sound] 12. Edwardsville Room 124 [DVD] [Surround Sound] 13. Bonus Material [DVD] [*]
SKU Number: CELE 78283
Price: $179.99