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"James Brown, It's A Mother - OBI Box Set of 10 Minis - CURRENTLY SOLD IT" - Product Image
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"James Brown, It's A Mother - OBI Box Set of 10 Minis - CURRENTLY SOLD IT"

JAMES BROWN - IT'S A MOTHER - Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA LP TITLES making a 10 CD Box Set- Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA BOX SET Japanese re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Special VERY RARE LIMITED EDITION BOX SET ONLY PRODUCED ON FUTURES FOR THIS ONE TIME PRESSING -- were only available in Japan. Limited 10 CD Japanese box containing paper sleeve versions of Prisoner Of Love, Track Listings 1. Prisoner of Love 2. Waiting in Vain 3. Again 4. Lost Someone 5. Bewildered 6. So Long 7. Signed, Sealed and Delivered 8. Try Me 9. (Can You) Feel It, Pt. 1 10. How Long Darling? 11. Thing In "G" Tour the USA, Track Listings 1. Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. 2. Choo-Choo Loco-Motion 3. Three Hearts In A Tangle 4. Doin' The Limbo 5. I Don't Care 6. Joggin' Along 7. I've Got Money 8. Sticky 9. Like A Baby 10. Every Beat Of My Heart 11. In The Wee Wee Hours(Of The Nite) 12. Cross Firing Live At the Garden, Track Listings 1. Out Of Sight 2. Bring It Up 3. Try Me 4. Let Yourself Go 5. Hip Bag '67 6. Prisoner Of Love 7. It May Be The Last Time 8. I Got You(I Feel Good) 9. Ain't That A Groove-Part 1-Ain't That A Groove-Part 2 10. Please,Please,Please 11. Bring It Up Popcorn, Track Listings 1. Popcorn 2. Why Am I Treated So Bad 3. In The Middle(Part1)-In The Middle(Part2) 4. Soul Pride(Part1)-Soul Pride(Part2) 5. New Shift 6. Sudsy 7. Chicken 8. Chase It's a Mother, Track Listings 1. Mother Popcorn(Part 1) 2. Mother Popcorn(Part 2) 3. Mashed Potato Popcorn(Part 1) 4. Mashed Potato Popcorn(Part 2) 5. I'm Shook 6. Popcorn With A Feeling 7. Little Groove Maker Me(Part 1) 8. Little Groove Maker Me(Part 2) 9. Any Day Now 10. If I Ruled The World 11. You're Still Out Of Sight 12. Top Of The Stack Ain't It Funky, Track Listings 1. Ain't It Funky(Part1 And 2) 2. Fat Wood(Part1 And 2) 3. Cold Sweat 4. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose 5. Nose Job 6. Use Your Mother 7. After You Done It It's a New Day, Track Listings 1. It's A New Day(Part1 And 2) 2. Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn 3. World(Part 1 And 2) 4. George On My Mind 5. It's A Man's,Man's,Man's World 6. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose 7. If I Ruled The World 8. Man In The Glass(Part 1) 9. I'm Not Demanding(Part 1) Super Bad, Track Listings 1. Super Bad, Pts. 1-3 2. Let It Be Me 3. Sometime 4. Man Has to Go Back to the Crossroads 5. Giving Out of Juice 6. By the Time I Get the Phoenix Get Up Offa That Thing, Track Listings 1. Medley:Get Up Offa That Thing-Release The Pressure 2. You Took My Heart 3. I Refuse To Lose 4. Can't Take It With You 5. Home Again 6. This Feeling and Bodyheat Track Listings 1. Body Heat 2. Woman 3. Kiss in '77 4. I'm Satisfied 5. What the World Needs Now Is Love 6. Wake up and Give Yourself a Chance 7. Don't Tell It These are Japanese digitally re-mastered Mini LP replica CDs (the OBI Edition). This Limited Edition Collection has only VERY FEW made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP, includes extensive Liner Notes Booklet. Actual miniaturized version of the 12inch LP in 4inch CD version.
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