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"Janis Joplin, Pearl - Limited Edition - 180 Gram - LAST COPY" - Product Image
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"Janis Joplin, Pearl - Limited Edition - 180 Gram - LAST COPY"

JANIS JOPLIN - "PEARL" 180 Gram Limited Edition classic LP high-definition Virgin Heavy Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. . THESE ORIGINAL LABEL 1ST EDITION HEAVY VINYL LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM PRESSINGS ARE NOW OUT OF PRINT & BECOMING TREMENDOUSLY RARE. THESE 1ST EDITION PRESSINGS WERE MASTERED IN ANALOG AND THE NEW PRESSINGS SAY NOTHING ABOUT HOW THEY WERE PRESSED AND THAT USUALLY MEANS THEY ARE DIGITAL. BUT NO MATTER WHAT THESE 1ST EDITIONS IN HEAVY VINYL ARE GOING TO BE WHAT COLLECTORS SEEK OUT BECAUSE IN THE LONG RUN 1ST EDITIONS ARE ALWAYS MORE VALUABLE THEN LATTER PRESSINGS. This was Janis' last Album on Columbia which was released after her untimely death. PEARL, by many, is considered Janis Joplin's best LP. The LP includes great songs like - Move Over - Cry Baby - Me and Bobby McGee - Mercedes Benz - Trust Me and much more. One of those Rare cover to cover recordings that really puts your system to the test.
SKU Number: DOLP 30322