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"John Coltrane, SoulTrane- MFSL Factory Sealed SACD - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT" - Product Image
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"John Coltrane, SoulTrane- MFSL Factory Sealed SACD - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT"

MFSL Super Audio CD OUT OF PRINT. JOHN COLTRANE - SOULTRANE - SACD - Super Audio CD is re-mastered by Mobile Fidelity. OUT OF PRINT AND TREMENDOUSLY RARE. DON'T MISS OUT. The greatest advancement since the introduction of stereo, Super Audio CDs employ the innovative single-bit encoding system, Direct Stream Digital. Every SACD player performs superbly with Compact Discs. And Hybrid SACDs will play back beautifully on CD players. This 1958 recording session has gone on to become one of the most revered jazz albums ever. Coltrane's horn has so much presence and Garland's piano just sound perfect on this SACD! The chemistry between Coltrane and the Red Garland Trio is just incredible. This was the second, and best, date to feature this particular quartet. (Jazz fans will also remember the great music they all made with Miles during the same period.) Soultrane features five classic tracks ranging from breakneck-tempo bop covers ("Russian Lullaby"), to smoldering ballads ("I Want To Talk About You" and "Theme For Ernie") and mid-tempo romps ("Good Bait"). 1. Good Bait (Basie/Dameron) - 12:10 2. I Want to Talk About You (Eckstine) - 10:56 3. You Say You Care (Robin/Styne) - 6:18 4. Theme for Ernie (Lacey) - 4:58 5. Russian Lullaby (Berlin) - 5:34
SKU Number: SACD 2020
Price: $164.99