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"Johnny Winter, Captured Live" - Product Image
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"Johnny Winter, Captured Live"

Born and raised in Beaumont, Texas in the 1940s and surrounded by the blues, country, and Cajun music, Johnny Winter and his younger brother Edgar began their careers as kids, performing songs together and winning talent shows and spots on local TV. Before they were even teens, the two brothers traveled to New York to explore their options, and gained exposure to the rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues of the period which also influenced them profoundly. There has never been a blues guitarist like him before, or after. The guitar playing between Johnny and Floyd Ratford always seemed to compliment each other to an extreme. Truly amazing are the guitar solos being played at the same time , on top of each other, but without using harmony, yet blending and complimenting each others licks in 2 completely different styles, rather than trying to out do each other. The blues licks played on "Sweet Papa John" was and still is one of the hottest blues guitar examples of any age. I know there are lots of inspirational bluesmen out there, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Clapton, B.B. King ,Freddie King, Buddy Guy...etc.. the list could go on forever. But Johnny Winter definitely holds his own. Tracks include: Bony Moronie -. Roll With Me -. Rock & Roll People - It's All Over Now -. Highway 61 Revisited- Sweet Papa John
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