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"Loggins And Messian, Full Sail - Nautilus Half-Speed Pressing" - Product Image
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"Loggins And Messian, Full Sail - Nautilus Half-Speed Pressing"

LOGGINS AND MESSINA - FULL SAIL - NAUTILUS Half-Speed MasterSound Limited Edition Albums have been OUT OF PRINT since the early '80s. They are some of the Rarest Audiophile Albums in the world and this copy if you can ever find it sell for at least $200 in he collectors market. These Albums were mastered in Half-Speed technology which allows more time for the Original Session Master Tape to be transferred perfectly to Vinyl, a very costly and time-consuming process that was also used by Mo - Fi. Loggins and Messina's FULL SAIL is simply their best cover to cover Album ever recorded. Quite simply the best thing L&M ever put down on vinyl. There are good things before and good things after, but Full Sail represents the height of their creativity. It is also a continuum of L&M music, starting with commercially cute "Lahaina," to the progressive "Pathway to Glory," to the rock and roll/Calypso meld of "You Need a Man/Coming To You." "Watching the River Run" is a poetic masterpiece which deserves more credit than its Top 40 appearance on commercial radio. The album ends in Beatlesque style with Sailin' the Wind's mild cacophony of seas sounds. A true masterpiece not to be missed
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