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"Madonna, Who's That Girl" - Product Image
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"Madonna, Who's That Girl"

MADONNA'S WHO'S THAT GIRL - ORIGINAL 1987 SIRE RECORDS MOVIE SOUNDTRACK - STILL WITH THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER ON THE PLASTIC WRAP. ( original release with a small cutout in jacket) - OUT OF PRINT FOR DECADES Madonna's film career has never really taken off, despite being launched way back in 1985 with Desperately Seeking Susan. In 1987, she starred in the flop film Who's That Girl. The film showed strong promised, but basically flopped worldwide. The soundtrack to the film, however, was the bigger hit of the two and went on to sell 8 million copies worldwide, and includes some pretty big hits. Granted, the soundtrack isn't Madonna's best - I'm Breathless is - but this is a worthy album for any Madonna fan's collection. If you're a Madonna fan and were thinking of purchasing this record without hesitation, beware! The album has only nine songs on it - and only four of those are by Madonna herself. The others are by lesser-known acts such as Duncan Faure, Club Nouveau, Michael Davidson, Scritti Politti and Coati Mundi! Because of this - and because the record says "Madonna" at the top - I will only be reviewing the songs by Madonna... Who's That Girl starts with the massive UK No.1 single of the same name, Who's That Girl (10/10). It topped the UK chart in July 1987 and was also a US No.1. The song has some fun lyrics and the bassline and beats are very traditional of Madonna's musical style at the time - very upbeat, poppy and fun. Causing A Commotion (10/10) is the next song. Released in September of 1987, the song peaked at No.4 in the UK and was a big hit with audiences at Madonna's "Who's That Girl?" World Tour in 1987. The song has the usual big beats and catchy, funky and melodic beats to groove around to. The Look Of Love (9/10) is another excellent mid-tempo ballad from Madonna, which peaked at No.9 in the UK in December 1987. The lyrics, "No where to run/No where to hide/From the look of love/From the eyes of mine," are not only catchy, but instantly recognisable. The bassline is heavy and the beat has a great "bouncy" feel to it. The final song from Madonna on Who That Girl - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is Can't Stop (9/10). This song is yet another superb pop dance hit from Madonna. It was never released as a single, like the other three songs I have just written about, but it definitely deserved to be. At almost five minutes, it's the longest song on this soundtrack which gives you more time to get into it. The song sounds almost identical to Where's The Party or Love Makes The World Go Round from Madonna's 1986 release, True Blue. The beat is bouncy, Madonna's voice is on top-form and the vocal arrangement is genius. OK, the lyrics aren't exactly the best in the world - but that doesn't matter! Live a little! Get up and get your groove on to Madge!
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