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"Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun" - Product Image
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"Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun"

MATTHEW SWEET - 100% FUN - ORIGINAL FACTORY SEALED CLASSIC RECORDS AUDIOPHILE 1st Generation/Edition audiophile pressing - Out of Print in this 180 Gram masterpiece and you will be one of the last people in the world to own these pressings. It's a Sonic Gem. 100% FUN - Unfortunately Todd Rundgren coined the phrase first but Matthew Sweet is truly "a wizard, a true star". He reminds us with each new record of the potential of rock 'n' roll: ripe with guitars, heartfelt vocals and lyrics written with thought, a sly smile and a bitterness tempered by melodies that make your heart swoon. The time is now for Matthew Sweet to join the ranks of what the mainstream considers the big league. If so, avid fans and press around the world will finally be able to say, "We told you so." 1. Sick of Myself 2. Not When I Need It 3. We're the Same 4. Giving It Back 5. Everything Changes 6. Lost My Mind 7. Come to Love 8. Walk Out 9. I Almost Forgot 10. Super Baby 11. Get Older 12. Smog Moon
SKU Number: CLLP 11081