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"Mike Oldfield, Ommadawn - !80 Gram - Only Copy" - Product Image
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"Mike Oldfield, Ommadawn - !80 Gram - Only Copy"

MILE OLDFIELD - OMMADAWN - 180 Gram Limited Edition OUT OF PRINT Simply Vinyl classic LP (made in England - has the best protective packaging I've seen) high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. The Simply Vinyl Silver Collection is currently the only way a collector can identify if these U.K. Abbey Road Studio pressings are Out of Print First Generation copies of some of the finest heavy vinyl masterpieces ever made. Mymusicfix has an exclusive list of these Silver Edition titles you will not find at any Audiophile Vinyl Dealer anywhere (Silver Collection refers to the marketing sticker attached on the front and back of the sealed product - not the Second Generation and beyond Gold Stickers). They are known to be some of the finest rock titles ever pressed in Limited Edition Heavy Virgin Vinyl with the best protective packaging ever within the Industry. Collectors Alert: Many of these Simply Vinyl Titles will never be available again. Their license to produce these 180 Gram Masterpieces with Universal Records International has Ended. This means that this specific title is now out of print forever and there are very few remaining is sealed condition. This title is going to skyrocket in value & price over the next few months. So Don't Miss Out on being one of the last people to own this outstanding pressing. This is one the last pressing you will ever see at this price. Don't Miss Out. So enjoy being one of the last people in the world to get your butt up and flip a side of vinyl. It's the purest form of listening pleasure , not to mention the artistic value of owning a 12" cover of art, -- like posters of your favorite artist. With his first release, TUBULAR BELLS Mike Oldfield created a genre that can best be termed "symphonic folk-rock." Ommadawn, his third album, continued in a similar though somewhat more ambitious and less portentous vein. Including the African percussion group Jabula and Paddy Moloney of the CHIEFTAINS on uilleann pipes, this is Oldfield's most easily palatable release. Oldfield plays almost 20 instruments here. The two instrumental pieces that make up nearly the entire album are similar to ambient music in intent and effect, with an almost constant recycling of themes. The album closes with "On Horseback," a classic piece of English whimsy. Track Listings 1. Part One 2. Part Two 3. On Horseback
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