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"Miles Davis, Greatest Hits" - Product Image
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"Miles Davis, Greatest Hits"

Miles Davis pioneered (at least) five entirely different periods/styles of jazz during his career. He was on the cutting edge of be-bop, playing with Charlie Parker. He was literally present a the birth of cool jazz, had an amazing series of records in the 50's, produced several cutting edge big band works with Gil Evans (Sketches of Spain being the most famous), had a second great band in the early 60's, and was again present at the birth of jazz-rock fusion. No one albumn has ever attempted to be a "Greatest Hits" covering this entire spectrum. And this is no exception. Rather, it is focused narrowly on the pre-electric, post Kind of Blue, period from the mid-50's to the early, pre-electric 60's. While it is impossible to consider this albumn a real "Greatest hits" package, as it completely ignores most of Miles' great hits, it is a wonderful, accessible introduction to what many would consider the most productive 15 years in the middle of Miles' long career. TRACK LISTING: ROUND MIDNIGHT SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME ALL BLUES WALKIN' E.S.P. SO WHAT MY FUNNY VALENTINE
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