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"Miles Davis & John Coltrane, Miles & Coltrane JAZZ MASTERPIECES CJ 44052 SEALED LP" - Product Image
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"Miles Davis & John Coltrane, Miles & Coltrane JAZZ MASTERPIECES CJ 44052 SEALED LP"

Digitally Remastered Directly from the Original Analog Tapes. Miles redefined himself with shimmering lyricism and Coltrane found and distilled his identity. Together, they changed the jazz world forever. FACTORY SEALED LP MILES DAVIS & JOHN COLTRANE - "This album is a MUST for any jazz library." I'll back that, and would even call it one of the great live jazz albums ever. Not much of Miles rises for me to the level of appeal of post-bop. I don't warm to the Miles of the muted trumpet who's fond of savouring the notes, fixated on sonic textures. I'm more partial to not-so-cool, more boisterous, racier interplays and improvisation of small-combo hard-bop jazz from the mid-50s to the early 60s - the most exciting period in jazz, to me. No accident, then, that 'Trane was my big draw to this recording. But what a find this is! The first five tracks (Ah-leu-cha; Straight, No Chaser; Fran-Dance; Two Bass Hit; Bye Bye Blackbird) are stereo recordings from a 4 July '58 show in Newport, RI. The last two (Budo; Little Melonae) are in mono, and hark to a 27 October '55, New York performance. The first set has Bill Evans doing his modal thing, along with Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, Cannoball Adderley on alto sax, and Trane on tenor. The last two tracks have Red Garland on piano, not Evans, Philly Joe Jones not Cobb on drums, and there's no Cannonball adding oomph. There's plenty of raucous hard-bop on this, plus a share of what I regard as the milder Miles - though of a very high order. On the closing 'Budo,' the mute doesn't stymie the music's pulse one bit: both 'Fran-Dance' and 'Bye Bye Blackbird' have lots to recommend them. And when the mute comes off for the other numbers, Miles sets the trumpet's talents on the wild side, and with his musical mates shows he can bop with the very best. Evans's unusual addition to the mix is also worth a close look; Coltrane's pretty much on fire here too, and as for rhythmic core Miles never got much better than Mr PC, Philly Joe and Cobb. TRACKS ARE: 1. Ah-Leu-Cha 2. Straight No Chaser 3. Fran-Dance 4. Two Bass Hit 5. Bye Bye Blackbird 6.Little Melonae 7. Budo
SKU Number: DOLP COLUM44052
Price: $64.99