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"Miles Davis Plays Al Cohn Compositions" - Product Image
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"Miles Davis Plays Al Cohn Compositions"

10" Vinyl Since the 'records heard 'round the world,' GODCHILD, JERU, MOVE, et al, Miles Davis has made many other fine records to enhance his position as top modern trumpeter, but in the main they have been three horn groups (including himself) with an emphasis on solo work. After the original melody, usually stated in tight unison, each hornman played again only when his solo turn came. The soloists had to be good to sustain interest, and they were, but it was felt that Miles needed a change of pace for his next recording date; compositions and arrangements which would suit him and result in a happy combination of arranged music and solo work. The man who achieved this was Al Cohn, the unheralded great of the tenor saxophone, as well as the composer's and arranger's desk." - from the original liner notes by Ira Gitler -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Tasty Pudding 2. Floppy 3. Willie the Wailer 4. For Adults Only
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Price: $29.99