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"NickelBack, Silver Side Up - 160 Gram" - Product Image
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"NickelBack, Silver Side Up - 160 Gram"

NICKLEBACK - SILVER SIDE UP - 160 gram - THIS SIMPLY VINYL OUT OF PRINT PRESSING IS ONE OF OUR LAST COPIES FOREVER. - DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS RARE SEALED TREMENDOUSLY LIMITED 160 GRAM HEAVY VINYL COPY. FACTORY SEALED Heavy Vinyl LP - The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. The ultimate record - the way music was meant to be heard. Now Out of Print and tremendously rare. Following Staind's footsteps, Nickelback make the personal public and vent a history of frustration and resentment to melodic hard rock. The band's second album, Silver Side Up, starts with "Never Again," an angry tirade against domestic violence that sheds light on the issue without too much sap or sentiment. The album's catchy radio hit "How You Remind Me" and the song "Woke Up This Morning" tell of rotting relationships, while other tracks touch on damaged hope and lost dreams. The post-grunge, alt-metal combo backing these songs packs as strong a punch as the lyrical material, going hard with lots of hooks. The additional slide guitar on "Hangnail" and sludgy, alt-metal riffs on "Hollywood," "Money Bought," and "Where Do I Hide" add a little meat to the alt-rock bones on Silver, elevating Nickelback above the heap of copycat rockers clogging the airwaves.
SKU Number: FOLP 160001
Price: $194.99