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"Pat Martino, East" - Product Image
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"Pat Martino, East"

PAT MARTINO - EAST - MFSL SACD - Super Audio CD is re-mastered by Mobile Fidelity featuring new liner notes by Bill Dahl. The greatest advancement since the introduction of stereo, Super Audio CDs employ the innovative single-bit encoding system, Direct Stream Digital. Every SACD performs superbly with Compact Disc Players as well as the New SACD Players. Remember Hybrid SACDs will play back beautifully on all CD players. Pat Martino's guitar masterpiece. Martino's long, seamless lines are absolutely extraordinary. Most importantly, he knew how to make the music swing! This is truly one of the most essential jazz guitar albums of all time. Martino's lines, phrasing and even tone are so unique to the language of jazz that one is left absolutely speechless - some listening experiences defy the parameters of existing vocabulary. MFSL's GAIN 2 remastering is a serious sonic enhancement of this magnificent album. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. East 2. Trick 3. Close Your Eyes 4. Park Avenue Petite 5. Lazy Bird
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