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"Patti Smith, Horses - 8 CD OBI Box Set - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK" - Product Image
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"Patti Smith, Horses - 8 CD OBI Box Set - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK"

PATTI SMITH - HORSES OBI BOX AND THESE TITLES - DREAM OF LIFE - WAVE - EASTER - GONE AGAIN - GUNG HO - HORSES - PEACE AND NOISE - RADIO ETHIOPIA Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA BOX SET Japanese re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Each title Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging exact to the original LP, Re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of each collectible Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version Special VERY RARE LIMITED EDITION BOX SET ONLY PRODUCED ON FUTURES FOR THIS ONE TIME PRESSING -- were only available in Japan. PATTI SMITH - HORSES OBI BOX AND THESE TITLES - DREAM OF LIFE - Track Listings 1. People Have the Power 2. Up There Down There 3. Paths That Cross 4. Dream of Life 5. Where Duty Calls 6. Going Under 7. Looking for You (I Was) 8. Jackson Song 9. As the Night Goes By [*] 10. Wild Leaves [*] WAVE - Track Listings 1. Frederick 2. Dancing Barefoot 3. So You Want to Be (A Rock 'N' Roll Star) 4. Hymn 5. Revenge 6. Citizen Ship 7. Seven Ways of Going 8. Broken Flag 9. Wave 10. Fire Of Unknown Origin [*] - Patti Smith Group, Patti Smith 11. 54321/Wave [*] - Patti Smith Group, Patti Smith EASTER - Patti Smith cowrote her first big hit, "Because the Night," with Bruce Springsteen, and that track was the force behind this album's ascent of the U.S. Top 40. Never fully departing from her punk-poetess roots, Easter was nonetheless produced by hit maker Jimmy Iovine, resulting in a more accessible overall sound than her earlier work. Her vocal gymnastics and dramatic rock & roll sensibilities threw sparks in every direction, with the vitriolic "Rock N Roll Nigger" and the anthemic "Till Victory" further paving the way for punks and women rockers everywhere. Churchly keyboards and huge drums drive Smith's quest for "a reason to live" on the religiously inquisitive "Privilege" and she's unabashedly sexy on the raunchy "25th Floor." A great work all around Track Listings 1. Till Victory 2. Space Monkey 3. Because the Night 4. Ghost Dance 5. Babelogue 6. Rock N Roll Nigger 7. Privilege (Set Me Free) 8. We Three 9. 25th Floor 10. High on Rebellion 11. Easter 12. Godspeed [*] - Patti Smith Group GONE AGAIN - Track Listings 1. Gone Again 2. Beneath the Southern Cross 3. About a Boy 4. My Madrigal 5. Summer Cannibals 6. Dead to the World 7. Wing 8. Ravens 9. Wicked Messenger 10. Fireflies 11. Farewell Reel GUNG HO - Track Listings 1. One Voice 2. Lo and Beholden 3. Boy Cried Wolf 4. Persuasion 5. Gone Pie 6. China Bird 7. Glitter in Their Eyes 8. Strange Messengers 9. Grateful 10. Upright Come 11. New Party 12. Libbie's Song 13. Gung Ho HORSES - On her 1975 debut, Smith was full of piss and vinegar, seriously interested in bringing together high art and low three-chord rock & roll. As a result, her free-form poetry meshes with covers of "Gloria" and "Land of a Thousand Dances," and the album centers on two long, highfalutin' pieces, including the three-part suite (warning! warning! art!) "Land." Track Listings 1. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo/Gloria [Van Morrison Version] 2. Redondo Beach 3. Birdland 4. Free Money 5. Kimberly 6. Break It Up 7. Land: Horses/Land of a Thousand Dances/La Mer (De) 8. Elegie 9. My Generation [Live][*] PEACE AND NOISE - Track Listings 1. Waiting Underground 2. Whirl Away 3. 1959 4. Spell 5. Don't Say Nothing 6. Dead City 7. Blue Poles 8. Death Singing 9. Memento Mori 10. Last Call RADIO ETHIOPIA - Track Listings 1. Ask the Angels 2. Ain't It Strange 3. Poppies 4. Pissing in a River 5. Pumping (My Heart) 6. Distant Fingers 7. Radio Ethiopia 8. Abyssinia 9. Chiklets [*] - Patti Smith These are Japanese digitally re-mastered Mini LP replica CDs (the OBI Edition). This Limited Edition Collection has only VERY FEW made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP. Actual miniaturized version of the 12inch LP in 4inch CD version.
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