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"Peter Gabriel, Up - 200 Gram Double LP - Currently Sold Out" - Product Image
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"Peter Gabriel, Up - 200 Gram Double LP - Currently Sold Out"

PETER GABRIEL - US- This Limited Edition Audiophile Mastered LP (from the Original Session Tapes) was mastered by Classic Records. This 200 Gram Heavy Vinyl DOUBLE LP has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced of this recording. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio. 200 GRAM AUDIOPHILE FIRST EDITION ORIGINAL SEALED LP - TREMENDOUSLY RARE OUT OF PRINT VERY LIMITED EDITION PRESSING RUN - WITH THE COMPLETE PLASTIC WRAP SEALING THE ITEM NOT THE SECOND GENERATION WITH THE 3/4 SEAL AND THE STICKER ON TOP AS THE SEAL. THIS IS OUR LAST COPY FOREVER OF THIS EDITION The Classic Reissue was cut from the original 1/2" 30 ips analog master tapes on the Classic all tube stereo cutting system at Bernie Grundman Mastering by "The Wizard" Bernie Grundman himself. Six years after earning his first blockbuster, Peter Gabriel finally delivered US, his sequel to SO. Clearly, that great span of time indicates that Gabriel was obsessive in crafting the album, and US bears the sound of endless hours in the studio. It's not just that the production is pristine, clean, and immaculate, it's that the music is, with only a handful of exceptions (namely, the "Sledgehammer" rewrite "Steam" and the fellatio ode "Kiss That Frog"), remarkably subtle and shaded. It's also not a coincidence that Us is, as Gabriel says in his liner notes, "about relationships," since the exquisitely textured music lets him expose his soul, albeit in a typically obtuse way. Gabriel is as adventurous as ever, yet he is relentlessly sober about his experiments, burying exotic sounds and percussion underneath crawling tempos measured atmospherics this is tastefully two-toned music, assembled by a consummate craftsman who became too immersed in detail to make anything but an insular, introspective work. Some gems are easier to unearth than others "Digging in the Dirt" has an insistent pulse, "Blood of Eden" and "Come Talk to Me" are quite beautiful, "Secret World" is quietly anthemic yet, given enough time, the record's understated approach and reflection becomes its most attractive element. Transferred for the first time from the 30 ips analog master for 2 LP vinyl and packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket makes for a definitive version.
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