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"Ray Charles, Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul (Japan Pressed) - Factory Sealed DCC 24-Karat Gold CD - Last Copy- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT" - Product Image
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"Ray Charles, Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul (Japan Pressed) - Factory Sealed DCC 24-Karat Gold CD - Last Copy- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT"

This is a Rare DCC Japan manufactured Sealed copy of Ray Charles. This Japanese Pressing proves that this 24-Karat Gold CD is definitely a first run of this Out of Print Limited Edition classic. This recording being offered states "Disc Manufactured in Japan". This separates the men from the boys when it comes to First Generation collectibles. This Ray Charles DCC Gold Disc was one of the first five ever produced by DCC. This album from 1963 peaked at #2 on the Billboard Album Chart and yielded two top singles - Busted and That Lucky Old Sun. Wonderful sound quality, great performances and arrangements will make this a memorable Gold Disc. Features four bonus tracks from various singles of this period by Ray Charles. By the legendary Steve Hoffman -- "When INGREDIENTS IN A RECIPE FOR SOUL was released by ABC-Paramount Records in August of 1963, it immediately burst upon the charts. Ray Charles had wanted to do an album that was mainly jazz/blues-based in an effort to distance himself a little bit from the country and western songs he was singing throughout 1962. The album jumped up the Billboard Album Chart in August of '63 peaking at number 2. It stayed on the chart for 32 weeks. The two singles released from the album did extremely well. BUSTED hit number 4 in September of that year. THAT LUCKY OLD SUN peaked at number 20 in December two weeks after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Although it had been released in the middle of November. SUN seemed to be played much more after Kennedy was killed. It seemed to be perfect for the mood of the country in that bleak December. Even a cursory glance at the credits of INGEDIENTS IN A RECIPE FOR SOUL reveal an amazing fact: this album was recorded in just two days. Three songs were recorded live in four hours at United in Hollywood and the remaining eight were laid down in an amazing six hour session at Capitol in NYC. That fact is that Ray and producer Sid Feller knew what they wanted from each other and what they expected from the musicians, arrangers and recording engineers - nothing less than perfection. As a listen to this disc will reveal, perfection was achieved. The INGREDIENTS IN A RECIPE FOR SOUL session tapes show only one or two "takes" per selection, each different in just one way - interpretation. Ray never sang them the same way twice. IN THE EVENING (WHEN THE SUN DOES DOWN), is a perfect example. The unreleased version is at a much faster tempo, not as dramatic as the released version but spirited. When the second (issued) take was laid down, the pace slowed and the performance became more brooding and intense: perfect for the album's mood. The climax of the album YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE is a finale worthy of an encore at the London Palladium. Sid Feller's arrangement throws in every curve possible in music of this nature. Ray sings it playing piano at the same time of course like it was his last performance on earth. It leaves one speechless upon hearing it. Amazingly, it only needed to be put on tape once. The version you hear on this compact disc is the only take attempted. Why mess with perfection?" Track Listings 1. Over the Rainbow - Ray Charles, Jack Halloran Choir, 2. Ol' Man Time 3. In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down) 4. Busted 5. Stranger in Town 6. That Lucky Old Sun - Ray Charles, Jack Halloran Choir, 7. Born to Be Blue 8. Where Can I Go? 9. Ol' Man River - Ray Charles, Jack Halloran Choir, 10. You'll Never Walk Alone 11. Something's Wrong [*] 12. Brightest Smile in Town [*] 13. Worried Life Blues [*] - Ray Charles, Sid Feller 14. My Baby! (I Love Her, Yes I Do) [*] - Ray Charles, Margie Hendrix, LIMITED GOLD EDITION. This 24-Karat Gold Limited Edition FACTORY SEALED CD is an audiophile collector's item that simply gives the feeling of being directly in the studio with the artist.
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