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"Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo (2 LPs)" - Product Image
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"Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo (2 LPs)"

TED NUGENT - DOUBLE LIVE - GONZO! FACTORY SEALED DOUBLE LP - analog vinyl pressing If you like hard R & R you dont' have to miss it. Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, is really a mad rocker, full of energy and vitality. And he's also a good guitarist and he can prove it. Listening to this disc is like beeing at the show: you can feel the intensity of the sound mixed with the involvement of the guys watching the "jungle man" torturating his guitar and wandering like an obsessed along the stage. Nugent may not be the best guitarist to ever crank out a lick, or the best showman to ever grace a stage ... but combine the two together and the combined product is pure excellence. This album captures the heart and soul of a performer greater than any other live album . If you're new to the Nuge, let "Great White Buffalo" melt into your mouth for a little bit ... because you'll be lucky if you ever see Uncle Ted play it live... perhaps because it just cannot be captured any better that on this album. Tracks include: Just What The Doctor Ordered/Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, July 1977 Wang Dang Sweet Poontang/Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, July 1977 Cat Scratch Fever/Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, July 1977 Stormtroopin/Seattle Center Coliseum,August 1977 Hibernation/San Antonio Convention Center, July 1976 Motor City Madhouse/Dalls, July 1976 Stranglehold/Civic Center Springfield, Mass, June 1976 Gonzo/Joe Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio November 1977 Baby, Please Don't Go/Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene Texas, November 1977 Yank Me, Crank Me/Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene Texas, November 1977 Great White Buffalo/Dallas, July 1976
SKU Number: DOLP EPIC35069
Price: $49.99